Clean Beauty Is Wrong and Won’t Give Us Safer Products

Think Dirty App

If you use beauty products, it’s impossible to not have heard of clean beauty. It’s a revolution. You want your products to be clean – you don’t want to use dirty products! You want your products to be good for your health and good for the environment. There are beautiful celebrities telling you about how they detoxed and cleaned out …

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Reusable menstrual product reviews: Saalt cup, Love Luna pads

saalt soft menstrual cup

I’ve tried more reusable menstrual products since my last post reviewing menstrual cups and period underwear – one of the best reviewed cups on the market, and my first reusable pads. All prices are in AUD unless stated otherwise. Saalt Soft Cup After sharing my struggles with the Lunette cup, a lot of people pointed me towards Saalt Soft Cup …

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How to Choose UV Protective Clothing


We talk about sunscreen a lot here, but sunscreen isn’t the only way to protect your skin.Here’s how to choose UV protective clothing. The video version is here, keep scrolling for the written version… UV protection from clothing Us Australians were brought up on sun protection slogans. If you’re a purist who grew up in the 80s and 90s, it’s Slip Slop …

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Dealing with Maskne: Irritation & Breakouts from Masks

As if turning the world upside down wasn’t enough, it turns out pandemic life also messes with your skin. Last week I talked about how to deal with the irritation that comes from washing your hands so much. This week, I’m talking about Mask Face – the irritation and breakouts that can happen when you wear cloth face masks, surgical …

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Bad DIY Hand Sanitizers (and a few good ones)

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic there’s a hand sanitizer shortage… and a ton of DIY hand sanitizer recipes. Will they actually work? (Spoiler: Most of them won’t.) I’ve made a video breaking down some of the good bad DIY hand sanitizer recipes out there. Check out the video on YouTube here. Key points: COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus …

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More Sunscreens in Your Blood??! The New FDA Study


You might remember a similar post that I published in May 2019, after the previous flurry of “The FDA Admits Sunscreens Are Poison” headlines. Now that the second study has been published, it’s time for Round 2. Gratifyingly, this time the coverage seems a little less hysterical (maybe they learned from last time?), with the exception of the Daily Mail, …

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