The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare

A comprehensive guide to a science-based skincare routine that works.

Wondering which skincare tips are legit or just marketing? Feeling overwhelmed by all the sunscreen options? 20 browser tabs open about which skincare ingredients to avoid in cleansers, but all of them say different things?

Here’s your answer!

The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare is your all-in-one, science-based handbook for building a skincare routine.

“I wish I came across this book years ago before I started abusing my skin. It’s a condensed version that has every lesson I learned over the years. I love how truthful the advice was compared to a lot of other skincare books out there!”
Liah Yoo, Skincare YouTuber and Founder of KraveBeauty


“Michelle’s skincare guide is a great, thorough exploration of skincare and will help a newbie select what’s important to them when creating their own personal skincare routine. Its in-depth overview of different skincare topics is also a useful resource and fantastic refresher for the advanced skincare user.”
Stephen Ko, Cosmetic Chemist and Blogger at Kind of Stephen


I’m Michelle – science educator, chemistry PhD and skincare addict. I’ve been talking about the science behind beauty and skincare products on Lab Muffin Beauty Science for the past 7 years.

Surfactants Are Everywhere, aka Stop Being Terrified of Chemicals

When I first started looking into skincare I fell down a deep rabbit hole of research. Finding and interpreting reliable sources is tricky, even if you have a PhD in science. I agonised for weeks over which products to buy, and which beauty experts to listen to. I was astonished by how many claims turned out to be BS when I looked further into them.

Here’s a skincare tip you won’t hear often: the most important skincare products are the basics.

“Whether you’re a skincare newbie or a skincare addict, this eBook has something for everyone. Michelle explains skin and skincare in an easy to understand manner but also provides the science behind it. Better yet, she recommends an easy skincare routine that everyone can incorporate into their lives and recommends skincare products for all price points and skin needs. This eBook is a must read!”
Rachel, Blogger at Rachel Beauty Style


“This is a comprehensive introduction to skincare that could save a lot of confusion, money, and grief. Much of mainstream advice about skin is minimally backed by science and geared toward selling products. This guide digs right in on what matters: understandable and specific advice on how to care for the body’s biggest organ.”
Tracy Robey, Freelance Beauty Journalist


There are a million fancy products out there, and so many beauty companies are trying to sell you their newest, fanciest product, with a matching fancy price tag. But the most important products to get right are the simplest, less glamorous ones: cleanser, sunscreen and moisturiser. They’re the cornerstones of your routine.

I’ve organised all the best information I’ve learned in the past 7 years into The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare.

What’s Inside?

The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare is a 137 page PDF eBook jam-packed with everything you wanted to know about building a basic skincare routine. From evaluating your skin, to deciphering sunscreen ingredients, to product recommendations – my guide explains what you want to look for in your foundational products and why.

Getting to Know Your Skin
A breakdown of the common skin types and skin conditions, and how to assess your skin

Setting Up a Routine
How to start a routine and choose products, a guide to marketing terms and controversial ingredients, and how to track your skin’s progress

What to look for (and what NOT to look for), different types and how to use them, and tips for specific skin types and conditions


Sunscreen ingredient guide, sunscreen terminology and regulation, how to use sunscreen, and extra tips for sun protection

A guide to moisturiser ingredients and types, and recommendations for specific skin types and conditions

Bonus skincare tips, general rules for skin types and conditions, body care, active ingredients cheat sheet, product recommendations, references and further reading


 Sample Pages



What People Are Saying

“Michelle makes the science behind skin care fun – taking what could be a dry topic and turning it into a gigglefest, complete with the best illustrations and easy-to-understand lingo. Time to strip it back, and build your skincare regime back up!”
Leah of Temporary Princess


“A very informative and easy to read eBook! “Sneaky Marketing Terms” was one of my favourite parts, it is really good to have a breakdown of all the terms that have been used so widely to advertise products that may seem misleading for consumers. This would be a fantastic eBook if you’re looking to learn more about your products, what’s in them and how to find your best match.”
Lily of Lily Not Louise


“A great book for people who know little or are simply absolutely clueless about skincare, and want a beginner’s guide to learn how to care for their skin. An enjoyable and easy read. You won’t be overwhelmed by technical jargon or very long scientific terms. Michelle has artfully created a concise guide for beginners in this labyrinth of a subject that is skincare.”
Tashi of Teacup of Makeup