Period undies review: Modibodi and Bonds

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As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been trying to get a bit more comfortable talking about normal bodily functions, and I think it’s important that we discuss what works and doesn’t work with reusable period products – about half the population spends about 10 years menstruating, if you add it all up! So I’m reviewing two more brands of period underwear that I’ve tried since my post about Love Luna undies: Modibodi and Bonds. 

Modibodi Period Underwear

Modibodi packaging

Modibodi is a more premium Australian period underwear brand. A lot of people vouched for Modibodi underwear, and I’m happy to say they lived up to expectations!

They have three standard absorbencies, plus a “super light” g-string (5 mL):

  • Light-Moderate: 10 mL
  • Moderate-Heavy: 15 mL
  • Heavy-Overnight: 20 mL

There’s a range of options in each category, with seamfree, vegan and side snap button styles (the non-vegan versions use wool, in case you were also wondering).

Modibodi materials

The prices for the regular range go from $27 to $35 (the g-string is $24). Unlike most other brands, they also have colours other than black (the gusset is still black – probably a good move to hide any blood stains).

Modibodi regular seam

I tried the classic bikini in light/moderate and heavy-overnight, as well as the seamfree bikini. All the styles felt well-constructed and durable, and the fabric was thicker and softer than the cheaper Love Luna ones. The waistbands feel more solid than the Love Luna ones, which seemed to start fraying and pilling from the first time I wore them (although they seem to have reached a plateau… fingers crossed).

Modibodi waistband

I was particularly impressed by the construction of the seamfree pair – they’re rated moderate-heavy, but they’re very flat and smooth, and the padding is very thin.

Modibodi seamfree

They also felt more breathable than the Love Luna materials, and happily no blood escaped to stain my beige pair. They’re about double the price of the Love Luna undies – while I love the accessibility of the Love Luna ones, the Modibodi undies do feel like they’re worth the extra price.

Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies

Bonds is my usual underwear brand, so I was super excited when they came out with period undies with a brilliantly Australian name: Bloody Comfy.

Bonds Bloody Comfy

They come in a range of styles and absorbencies:

  • Light ($19.95): 2 tampons (10 mL) – only the g-string is in this range
  • Moderate ($24.95): 3 tampons (15 mL)
  • Heavy ($29.95): 4 tampons (20 mL)

I was particularly excited about these because they come in a Tanga cut, which has less coverage than regular briefs but still has butt coverage and doesn’t ride up like a g-string. I do pole classes a few times a week, and being able to wear hotpants over period undies would solve one pretty annoying problem in my life! I also got the heavy flow bikini briefs to test the absorbency.

Unfortunately they didn’t live up to expectations. While they haven’t leaked and absorb well, they feel bulkier and stiffer than the other brands I’ve tried, which feel close to regular underwear.

Modibodi Bonds thickness
Modibodi on the left, Bonds on the right

The padding also tended to bunch up almost as soon as I put them on, so in terms of bulk they didn’t feel that much different from wearing a disposable sanitary pad.

Bonds Bloody Comfy Heavy

There’s also the fact that it’s a lot more difficult to rinse blood out of them than with the other brands. The padding swells a lot in water and gets hard to squeeze.

The most annoying part is that these take forever to dry, both after the initial rinse and after going through the washing machine. I’ve had to collect Bonds period undies off the line a full day after the other brands’ ones that I’ve washed in the same load.

I think where they went wrong here is going with cotton-elastane as the main material. I usually love cotton underwear, and the non-padded parts of the underwear are a bit more breathable than the other brands while they’re being worn, but for period panties it’s just too absorbent. Modibodi doesn’t use cotton at all, and Love Luna only uses a cotton blend in the gusset lining – Bonds has a full cotton gusset lining in addition to the cotton-elastane outer brief, so the absorbent padding is sandwiched between two layers of cotton which I think is why it has such a hard time drying properly.

Bonds Bloody Comfy Materials

The gusset does have a perforated cover, which I’m guessing was to try to combat the absorbency issue, but it also feels like it’s meant to be disposable and might rip soon.

Bonds gusset material

Modibodi underwear was provided without an obligation to review, however these are my honest opinions of the products as always. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.

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12 thoughts on “Period undies review: Modibodi and Bonds”

  1. Thanks for another great review. I have found the quality of Bonds underwear in general id much poorer than it used to be, they just can’t seem to sew elastic on in a way that it survives beyond a few washes now. Sad to see but also unsurprised that this latest offering from them isn’t that well thought out either, bring back the old Bonds!

  2. Thanks so much for this very comprehensive review. I’m almost 42, so probably not that much longer left menstruating, but I hate leaking at night and have been seriously considering Modibodi. I love the photos over your arm – they really show the difference. I’m definitely going to invest in the heavy/overnight and light/moderate. I have a daughter and I’m glad she’ll have more options to choose from.

  3. Haha yes I had to laugh at the 10 year comment too! I stopped menstruating at 50 (started at 13), you do the math! I’ve never heard of this kind of underwear but how fantastic and wish my generation had had them, think of the money saved and the environment! I’ll be buying these for my 2 daughters and would have automatically reached for the trusted bonds brand but definitely now will be purchasing modibodi. Thanks so much for this review😃

  4. Thank you so much for the review, I have only used the love Luna ones because they were an impulse buy a day that I was annoyed at getting pads and I’ve liked them a lot, they replaced my pads for good but to me they can be a bit uncomfortable around the seams so I’ll give modibodi a chance now

  5. The last 15 years of my life in periods were made so much better after i overcame my natural fears and tried a Mooncup. It took a while to get used to the feeling and the best technique, but i really wished I’d tried it sooner. I have sensory issues so really hated the icky smell and feel of external protection, and the dry scrapy feeling of a tampon that wasn’t ready to come out. Public toilets were the biggest challenge but handwipes and a bottle of water made it just about feasible. Massive money saving to buy therapeutic chocolate instead!

  6. Mine are from a German brand whose name I just can’t think of at the moment, but I love them. I had to double check at the “pee-proof” above though – as someone that struggles with pelvic floor issues (I had two kids and love HITT and stuff like that, which just doesn’t go together very well), I can confirm that period undies are not good if you loose urine. When sneezing, coughingh or jumping up and down the average woman with bladder issues can loose between 30 to 100 ml of urine (even more if you haven’t been to the toilet for a while), so even the heavy ones wouldn’t last you long…

  7. I’ve only tried the Bonds period underwear and I’ve recently experienced leaking from them. I’m so disappointed as they claim “no leaks.”
    Plus, they are bulky and at times I feel like I’m wearing a diaper/incontinent pad.
    Thank you for the reviews, I’ll def be trying modibodi


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