All About Micellar Water (video)

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I’ve talked about the science behind how the ingredients in micellar water work before, but I haven’t talked much about the practicalities of micellar water before. This video is a guide to micellar water, and it covers a lot of common questions about micellar water, including:

  • The importance of cleansing
  • What is micellar water?
  • Is micellar water just soapy water?
  • What’s good about micellar water?
  • What’s bad about micellar water?
  • What to look for in a micellar water
  • Do you need to rinse micellar water?

This video is sponsored by Bioderma, who invented micellar water – one bottle of their micellar water is sold every 3 seconds! As always, these are my honest opinions of the brand and products.

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My favourite micellar waters, as mentioned in the video:

  • Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micelle Solution: Very similar to their classic Sensibio H2O, but with added ingredients targeting dehydrated skin (glycerin, niacinamide, apple seed extract). It does have a light fragrance, which is missing in the Sensibio.
  • Simple Micellar Water: A cheaper micellar water that has niacinamide and a low pH.

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4 thoughts on “All About Micellar Water (video)”

  1. So informative, thanks for that! I like micellar water to go in after cleansing and pick up any eye makeup my oil cleanser has missed. Ive always wondered what the difference is in the different brands is, do they add/subtract ingredients within the micellar water?

  2. I’ve always admired your presentation when it comes to explaining things in detail. They’re easy to understand and for this I thank you!
    As for me, micellar water is great for removing makeup and all but I prefer using it in the morning then washing my face at night.

  3. Hi Dr Wong! I feel that I have learned so much about skincare from your channel, thank you. I have one question about micellar water that I have tried googling for -weeks- and can’t seem to find a trustworthy answer to, so I want to turn to you since you ooze trustworthiness! I use micellar water and my very angry skin loves it, but cotton pads (both disposable and washable) are way to abrasive. Is cotton the only material micellar water works with? I feel like there could be something gentler out there for me to go search for, perhaps bamboo, silk or synthetics, but I just can’t seem to find any info on what (or if!) other materials may work. Thanks again for all your videos and blog posts!

    And I am so sorry if you have already gone through this in any of your videos, I PROMISE I have watched and re-watched them several times to try to find an answer, but I may still have missed some information due to my thick head!

    • I’ve been using mine with bamboo cotton and velour – maybe try that? You can also buy cotton flannel from the fabric store and make your own, then you’ll be able to feel if it’ll be softer before you choose one!


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