Food, Diet and Acne: The Science (with video)

diet acne infographics

You’ve probably seen hundreds of these sorts of videos and infographics giving you lists of foods to stop eating to cure your acne. Is there any truth to this? Are all these foods actually giving us acne? Here’s a deep dive into the science behind food and acne. A quick warning: I’ve had a lot of requests for this topic, …

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How to fix your messed-up skin barrier (With video)

So you did the thing everyone told you not to do, and now you’ve messed up your skin barrier. Maybe you exfoliated too much. Maybe you started using too many irritating ingredients at the same time. Maybe you’ve had a cold and you’ve rubbed your nose too hard. And now, your skin’s: red and flaky weirdly shiny textured your pores …

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Ultimate Vitamin C Skincare Guide Part 1: Ascorbic Acid (with video)

Vitamin C product guide

Vitamin C is one of the most commonly raved about ingredients in skincare, with lots of evidence to back up its effects. But it’s also one of the most confusing. There are just so many different vitamin C ingredients and product types, and this is before you even get to all the different products you can buy! So this is …

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Don’t Make These Skincare Mistakes (with video)

We talk a lot about how to use your products, but this post is about how NOT to use your products. Here are some of the mistakes I see people making when using their products, and why you shouldn’t do that. The video is here on YouTube, keep scrolling for the text version. Putting the dropper on your face I …

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Adapting Your Routine for Mature Skin (with video)

This video is sponsored by Foreo. As you get older, your skin changes and you’ll need to adapt your routine. Here are some tips and tricks on what you might want to add or subtract as your skin matures. The video is here, the written version continues below… Tip: Not everything can be fixed with skincare products I think microcurrent┬áreally …

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Microcurrent Devices: Science and Foreo Bear Review

This video is sponsored by Foreo. Microcurrent devices are handheld electronic gadgets that have two metal spheres on them. There are lots of claims about how they tone and contour your face, so here’s the science behind microcurrent, how to use a microcurrent device and the results I’ve gotten after using the Foreo Bear on the right side of my …

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