Video: How to Get Glowing Skin: All About Exfoliation!

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I’m a huge fan of exfoliation. It’s one of the easiest things to incorporate into your skincare routine that has really big effects, and pretty much anyone with any skin type can benefit from some form of exfoliation. I made a free Essential Guide to Exfoliation (click to download) all about exfoliating, and I’m giving an overview of the key points in this video – check it out here.

The PDF guide also has suggested routines for different skin types and conditions (dry, oily, aging, sensitive etc.) and some more product recommendations. I’ve also added some short reviews of some of the exfoliants I’ve been enjoying lately to this video.

The products are:

Exfoliation is probably old hat for a lot of my readers, but I really needed to make a video guide on it – everyone needs to know about exfoliation in my opinion!

What are your favourite exfoliants? Mine are probably (in no particular order) lactic acid, kiwifruit and peeling gels right now – to me it seems like my favourites don’t change much, but I’m hoping this acts as a record for future reference!

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8 thoughts on “Video: How to Get Glowing Skin: All About Exfoliation!”

  1. Michelle, here’s a heads-up: the video shows a“Not available.” Since it seems unlikely you’d send a newsletter and then delete the video included with it, I’m thinking that maybe the permissions aren’t correct, like maybe it’s not visible to people outside Australia, or to people who don’t follow you, something like that. Point is that maybe you might change something so we can see it.

    (I have the guide so don’t feel I’m missing out on *too* much, but I know that others are!

    Good luck!

    • Hey! I just realised I must’ve set the blog post to go up 15 minutes before the video -_- So much fail this week!

  2. My favorite is Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder, I’ve been using it consistently for about 4 weeks now and my skin has completely changed. It’s amazing stuff!

  3. Hi Michelle
    Great video! I’d love to take a look at the study regarding the effectiveness of salicylic acid at higher pH values, but I haven’t been able to find it. Would you mind adding this to your post?

  4. The video is visible for me, living in Germany, that just as information as I read in the comments that some had issues.
    My favorite exfoliant is probably Salicylic Acid as it has really helped my oily and congested skin, but I have grow to love enzymes too, as they feel so gentle.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  5. This shade of red (of your cardigan) looks so good on you (at least on camera and to me)! With a perfect shade of blush to match, too!


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