My Top 8 Beauty Finds of 2014

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It’s the end of 2014 and it’s gone by so quickly! I decided to do a round-up of my favourite products I discovered this year – I tried a LOT of products, so these are the best of the best!


La Roche-Posay Cicaplast – This has been amazing for my chapped areas. It’s soothing and protects raw skin until it’s ready to deal with the outside world. I’m a bit more partial to the Baume B5 version than the original – I find it a bit more nourishing, rather than just a barrier cream.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence – This is my new go-to facial sunscreen. I’m still looking for one with more UVA protection, but the texture of this is perfect. It doesn’t feel like sunscreen at all!

Obagi Professional-C* – Vitamin C has been the final piece of my anti-ageing puzzle (I’ve been using retinol and alpha hydroxy acids for longer).

Anatomicals* – This new range has the cheeriest shower products in cheeky packaging. It’s also pretty affordable and the products smell amazing!

Pretty Serious Undercover Mermaid* – This work safe polish was designed to my specs by Aussie indie brand Pretty Serious – I love it to bits.

Tender Love + Carry Caddy Cosmetic Pouch* – This came in a Violet box, and I’ve been using it since I unboxed it. It’s the perfect size and has lots of compartments!

Essence Bloom Me Up brushes – These are cheerfully coloured and pretty damn good. I end up reaching for them over my other brushes because they’re so eye-catching! I mostly use the powder brush and the blush brush (for creme blush).

Daiso Brush Detergent – The worst part of being a brush addict is washing your brushes. Daiso’s detergent makes it as un-painful as it’ll ever be (though not breezy enough for me to have cleaned the Essence brushes before this photo was taken).


That’s my 2014 list – what’s yours?

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6 thoughts on “My Top 8 Beauty Finds of 2014”

  1. Good choices! I want to try out more Asian suncreens since they are so nicely textured. What situations would you suggest using the LRP cicaplast for? I have a sample of it, but I’m unsure what to do with it. And the Anatomicals packaging is sick 😀 Love the cheekiness of it.

    I have a post coming up on my top beauty discoveries on friday 🙂

    Ling | The Cosmetic Critic

  2. Trying out the invisible zinc and neutrogena sunscreens this summer. Just paranoid the thin consistency of the Asian sunscreens is not good enough under the harsh Australian Sun…your thoughts? (I’ve tried the gold anessa and a kose one.)

    • They’re fine, as long as you make sure you apply enough (1/4 teaspoon for your face, and another 1/4 teaspoon for your neck – I like to squirt it out on the back of my hand and then apply). The SPF and UVAPF levels are worked out on people using that amount of product, so any SPF50 product will give the same protection 🙂

  3. Obagi Professional-C has me intrigued- I have been thinking of adding this into my routine in 2015. I’ve seen Paula’s Choice do one but read mixed reviews on it.


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