Essence The Gel Top and Base Coat review


First off, let’s get things straight – Essence The Gel Top and Base Coat is NOT a gel product. Gel products have small plastic particles called monomers or oligomers, which link together and form a durable coating when a chemical called a photoinitiator is activated by light. There’s a full explanation of the gel polymerisation process here, but in short, …

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Essence Australia: Good Girl Bad Girl & Unforgettable Kiss Collections


More Essence Trend collections are coming! Here’s what’s launching in Australia in the next couple of months… Good Girl Bad Girl (available March-April 2015 in Priceline) Quattro Eyeshadow (bright, dark) ($5.75), Blush ($5.10), Lipstick (dark purple, fuchsia) ($4.70), Effect Top Coats (rose gold, silver) ($4.10), Like a Good Girl Fragrance ($6.95), Like a Bad Girl Fragrance ($6.95), Lipgloss ($4.10), Multi …

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Essence Australia: Beach Cruisers & Wave Goddess Collections


Essence have a bunch of trend editions coming out in Australia over the summer, and I’m giving a sneak peek of them today! As usual, their collections are full of fun, innovative, great value products, and excitingly, Essence are finally bringing their fragrances to Australia. The two summer collections are Beach Cruisers and Wave Goddess. Beach Cruisers (available January-February 2015 …

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My Top 8 Beauty Finds of 2014


It’s the end of 2014 and it’s gone by so quickly! I decided to do a round-up of my favourite products I discovered this year – I tried a LOT of products, so these are the best of the best! La Roche-Posay Cicaplast – This has been amazing for my chapped areas. It’s soothing and protects raw skin until it’s …

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October Favourites

I’ve been trying out a lot of products lately – these are some of the ones I’m really loving that I thought I’d give some mini reviews for. Face of Australia Gentle Make-up Remover* – This make-up remover is everything I want in a make-up remover – gentle, efficient, doesn’t leave an oily residue. Mary Kay Cream Eye Colour in …

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Travel Beauty Hacks (with obligatory travel photos)

My boyfriend loves the outdoors, and while I try to get along with nature, it tries its darnedest to destroy me with pollen and massive welts from mosquitoes. Last time he dragged me camping in Australia (the North Coast, a beautiful place where there’s beach and bush), I had a limited amount I could take with me but there was …

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What’s a CC cream? (and DD, and EE…)

All the way back in April 2012, I wrote a post on BB creams. Fast forward almost two and a half years and the “alphabet cream” market has exploded! What does it all mean? What’s a BB cream again? BB stands for beauty balm, blemish balm or beblesh balm. They’re multipurpose products that provide colour and coverage, as well as …

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Essence blush, lipgloss and eyeshadow review

Essence have a bunch of new products in Australia that you may have seen on the shelves already – if not, go check them out! Let’s start with this gorgeous blush from the Blush Up! range – Heat Wave ($6.45). How pretty is the gradient? It’s a pretty coral shade. Despite looking very fluoro in the pan, it’s surprisingly soft …

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