Essence Australia: Beach Cruisers & Wave Goddess Collections

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Essence have a bunch of trend editions coming out in Australia over the summer, and I’m giving a sneak peek of them today! As usual, their collections are full of fun, innovative, great value products, and excitingly, Essence are finally bringing their fragrances to Australia. The two summer collections are Beach Cruisers and Wave Goddess.

Beach Cruisers (available January-February 2015 in Priceline)


Blush ($5.35), Nail Polish (red, coral, gold, aqua) ($3.65), Bronzing Powder ($5.35), Waterproof Mascara Topcoat ($4.25). Body Spray ($5.35), Wet Bikini Bag ($7.35), Lip Gloss ($3.50)

Not pictured: Wet & Dry Eyeshadow (yellow, peach, turquoise) ($4.25), Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (metallic copper and turquoise) ($4.25)

This collection has a few interesting products. My favourite is the body spray that smells like the Essence fragrance “Like a Day in Paradise”, which smells to me like peach, apple, vanilla and coconut, though it’ll be better as a winter scent in my opinion (it’s a bit heavy). There’s also a waterproof mascara top coat which adds a waterproof layer to any mascara – I don’t think it actually dries, so it’s actually a waxy water-repellent coating.

The nail polishes are the textured sands which were so popular last year. My favourite is Keep Calm and Go to the Beach, a teal creme with green and gold shimmer. The blush has a pretty gradient effect which lets you pick how intense your blush is, based on how much sun you’ve been getting – it’s like the Blush Up blushes, but it’s a more wearable deep coral-to-light peach with subtle shimmer. From other reviews, the eyeliners look gorgeously richly pigmented.

Wave Goddess (available January-February 2015 in Target)


Blush Tint ($4.50), Highlighter ($5.45), Nail Polish (blue, pink, turquoise, yellow) ($3.25), Body Tattoos ($3.65), Beach Hair Waves Spray ($6.45), Glasses Case ($5.95)

Not pictured: Soft Touch Eyeshadow (apricot, blue, turquoise, ice blue) ($4.10), 2 in 1 Eyeliner (blue, turquoise, ice blue) ($5.45), Tinted Lipbalm (pink, coral) ($4.10)

This collection is aimed a bit younger than the Beach Cruisers range – the nail polishes come with silicone rings, there’s a silicone glasses case and body tattoos. My pick would be the Beach Hair spray is a salt spray which smells great (the same as the Beach Cruisers body spray), the highlighter powder and Have a Break, the light blue nail polish. In Europe, this collection included a thermal blue top coat, but I’m not sure if that’s coming to us.


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8 thoughts on “Essence Australia: Beach Cruisers & Wave Goddess Collections”

  1. We got the first collection a while ago when it was summer here in Canada. I got the blush which I agree is great! I feel like we are always missing pieces that other countries get in terms of essence collections :/ pretty sure we didn’t get those glosses in the first one.

  2. I don’t usually get into Essence limited edition products. I do really rate Essence mascaras though. So affordable and better than covergirl/maybelline/loreal brands at that price point.

    • I’m not a huge mascara wearer, but I’m going to have to try them out! I’ve been using Covergirl and Maybelline forever, maybe Essence will make me finally use mascara more than once a month…


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