My New Favourite Packaging! Dr Lewinn’s, Code Glokolor

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I’ve recently tried two products that have the most handy packaging I’ve ever used. I’m hoping this will be the next big thing, because:

1. It’s handy

2. It’s budget-friendly

3. It’s hygienic


The two products were Dr Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream and Code Glokolor N. All-uid Foundation.

Dr Lewinn’s moisturiser comes in a standard tub. You can unscrew the top if you want and use it normally, but why would you do that? When you take off the clear lid, there’s a purple top that slopes inwards towards a white dot in the middle. When you press down on the purple section, moisturiser squirts up from the dot.


Code Glokolor’s foundation was kindly regifted to me from a Korean beauty box (an idea which hasn’t quite taken off in Australia yet, surprisingly). It comes in very similar packaging, except that there are multiple holes (in a very cute star shape), and you press the lever in the front to get the product to emerge. (Interestingly, Code Glokolor comes from LG, which is better known for their electronics in Australia but in Korea they make everything.)


So why’s it so great?

Pump packaging is not that unusual, but the big difference with these two products are the wide tops and the snap lids. This means:

You can pump out the product and use the top as a mixing pan. I rarely find a product that does it all for me, so I like to mix in other products to tailor it to my needs. I need to use different foundations throughout the year (thanks, sneaky Australian sun!), and I adjust my moisturisers according to how dehydrated or dry my skin is. The wide tops are fantastic for mixing! Dr Lewinn’s packaging is particularly sweet, since it slopes inwards like a shallow bowl, so I can mix runny stuff (like rose hip oil) into the cream without mess.


The snap lids also mean that if you mix or pump out too much product, you can snap on the lid and use the rest next time. Obviously, if you leave it too long it’ll get gross and germy and dry out a bit, but an extra day or two won’t hurt unless you’re really unlucky.

It’s also a very hygienic packaging design – you don’t dip your fingers into a jar, the product stays airtight until you pump it up, and the wide top is easy to disinfect if you’re particularly germ-conscious.

I’m really hoping to see more of this type of packaging in the future! The more I use it, the more convinced I am that this is THE ONE TRUE PACKAGING, which is a bit weird because I’m usually not this obsessed with packaging, but whatever. I guess I’m a packaging weirdo now.

Dr Lewinn’s cream was provided for editorial consideration, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.

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13 thoughts on “My New Favourite Packaging! Dr Lewinn’s, Code Glokolor”

  1. I enjoy this type of packaging. I’ve used products like this before but only a couple as I don’t think it’s very common?? My last moisturiser had that type of pump. I know the Napoleon Perdis Cleansing Milk is in that type of container. It’s pretty handy.

    • It’s not super common – these are the only two products I have with this sort of pump, and I must have a few hundred… *red face*

  2. my issue with this kind of packaging is that you can’t tell when you’re running low and need more. I use the M2 skin care line and all their packaging has either this or similar and I’ve no idea how much product is in there.

    • That’s true! The Dr Lewinn’s packaging does have clear sides so you can see the base getting sucked up as the product gets used up, but it’s impossible to tell with the Glokolor. A little clear side panel would be nifty!

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  4. I used to have a foundation dispensed via air pump. Loved the packaging so much and it was soo handy and spill free. I wish all companies implement this packaging idea.


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