My New Favourite Packaging! Dr Lewinn’s, Code Glokolor


I’ve recently tried two products that have the most handy packaging I’ve ever used. I’m hoping this will be the next big thing, because: 1. It’s handy 2. It’s budget-friendly 3. It’s hygienic The two products were Dr Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream and Code Glokolor N. All-uid Foundation. Dr Lewinn’s moisturiser comes in a standard tub. …

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The pHs of some AHA products

I have a little collection of AHA products now, and since I also have a bunch of pH strips lying around at home, I thought it’d be a good idea to test all the pHs out, since they’re pretty important when it comes to choosing an AHA, and companies rarely state what they are. If you can’t remember, this post …

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Fact-check Feature: How do cleansing oils work?

If you’ve been around the beauty scene for the last few years, you’d have run into a few cleansing oils (as opposed to the oil cleansing method). The most famous is probably the Shu Uemura range, which has kick started a whole new category of cleansing oils, which go on and melt make-up like oils, but wash off cleanly with …

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