Esqido Lash review: Unforgettable

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I have a terrible habit of tugging on my eyelashes when I’m stressed, and since I’m frequently stressed, my lashes have suffered! As a result, I use false lashes a lot, and I’m pretty good at applying them (I can put them on in a moving train without a mirror now!), but I still hadn’t tried mink lashes until now.

Esqido mink lashes are made from mink, which made me pause and wonder about animal cruelty but according to their FAQ they’re “responsibly sourced” from mink hair that’s been naturally shed. I didn’t read anything about whether the mink were kept in nice conditions, but the mink hairs are gathered in as ethical a way as they can be (no shaving or killing).


I tried Unforgettable, a gorgeous subtly flared design that’s rated a 2 on their volume scale, so they give a bit of va-va-voom without being too unnatural. The lashes came in a gorgeous, durable white case with rose gold accents.


The lashes are very high quality. I don’t know enough about false lashes to know if the same effect could be accomplished with synthetic fibres, but they look almost exactly like natural lashes. The cotton band is super comfortable!


Unforgettable is currently on sale for $36, which sounds a bit steep compared to budget lashes, but it’s  actually a reasonable price since they’re supposed to last about 5 times as long as regular falsies. And incredibly, international shipping is free for orders over $50!


You can buy Esqido lashes from their online store.

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8 thoughts on “Esqido Lash review: Unforgettable”

  1. Hi, this is a bit off-topic, but I need to ask this – I came across a product with pretty impressive ingredients, but there’s this ingredient called Ethyl Hexanediol and I can’t find any information whether it’s safe for the skin. Do you have any idea? I’ve seen this ingredient a lot in asian cosmetics.

  2. Wow! The lashes look so natural (obviously) on you! I have a problem with getting my real ones to blend into the false ones. I haven’t tried mink lashes before, mainly for the price but I don’t wear them often enough though.


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