Lip balm frenzy!

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I love my NIVEA Repair and Protection stick balms – so much that I’ve got 6 half-used tubes stashed around the house, in my handbag and at uni (in case of chapped lip emergency I guess?). So it takes a really good pot of lip balm to make me sticky up my fingers. Here are the two that I like enough to alternate with my HG lately:

NIVEA Lip Butter – RRP $5.19 for 19 mL, out mid-March

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might’ve seen me rave about these already – of course the makers of my favourite stick balm would be the ones to step it up! These come in cute little tins, and they SMELL LIKE DESSERT. I’ll let you process that for a second.

Vanilla & Macadamia smells like slightly nutty Lindt chocolate, and Caramel Cream smells like straight up sugary caramel. It also comes in Unscented, which is great for people who hate dessert and life.

Best of all, these also are the most moisturising lip product I’ve ever used. They’re even better than my precious Repair and Protection, which I love because if I put it on just before bed, I wake up with some still on my lips. This steps it up – it feels like I put on product five minutes ago, not 8 hours ago. If NIVEA could put this in stick form without significantly sacrificing quality (especially the scent! don’t lose the scent!), all my lip balm dreams would be fulfilled.

MOR Lip Silk in Snow Gardenia – RRP $16.95 for 5 g

Everything about this screams luxury – the fancy gold-and-white packaging, the flip top, the little carry bag it comes in. It smells of flowers, which is different for a lip product (mine all smell like dessert!) but not super weird. It’s great for a pick-me-up (I sniff this all the time!), but it’s on the pricey side, and too pricey for me to use this as a staple product, though it’d make a great gift. It lasts quite well for a lip balm, but doesn’t seem to moisturise any more than my HG.

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  1. Oooh these sound good! Hopefully they’ll be launched across the ditch soon… 🙂 I spat my water everywhere when I read “…people who hate dessert and life.” I love your blog, Michelle!


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