Personal Planner giveaway winner!

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For my giveaway you had to tell me your best organisational tip, and Anneke gave my favourite one:

I love organisation and so naturally I am a big list maker. Trouble is lists get lost etc… So… we have a mirror on the back of our front door in our apartment and I keep whiteboard markers in the kitchen so my lists get written on the mirror or on bathroom/kitchen tiles… Anywhere that’s obvious for me to see (and rubs off), so if it’s something I HAVE to remember before leaving the house it’s right there staring me in the face 🙂

What a great idea! (If you don’t mind having stuff scrawled all over your house that is… I don’t! 😉 ) I’ve contacted her and she has 48 hours to reply before I pick another winner. Thanks for all your tips!

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