DIY Subscription Box Drawers

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If like me, you’ve been collecting subscription boxes and have finally run out of random uses for them, this might work for you too – I’ve decided to stick together a bunch of my Violet Boxes to make a chest of drawers. If your boxes are also this slide-out type, this is a super easy way to reuse them! If they’re not, you can tweak them a bit – there’s a great tutorial here for a set of drawers from Glossyboxes.


The drawers are a great size for storing tech manuals, business cards, beauty samples… all manner of junk! The ribbon loops act as pre-made handles. I’ve just stuck these together with Blu-tack in case I need them for something else in the future, but if you’re after something more permanent, you can use hot glue.

What have you done with your subscription boxes?

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