Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Matte Lipstick Review

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I’m in a bit of a crazy lipstick discovery phase at the moment, and I’ve just discovered FUCHSIA. When I try bright colours, it takes me a while to get comfortable, but the lipstick that started this love affair – Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Matte Lipstick in Raspberry (argh long product names) – is a really beginner-friendly bright. It’s dark enough that it feels familiar if you’re already comfortable with bright red, but it’s bright enough that you feel perked up. And it looks stunning with my current favourite clothing colour, blue. (On a side note, I am so into blue right now it’s ridiculous. I was so certain it was going to be Pantone’s Colour of the Year, then they went with meh Marsala, which I’m still feeling super meh about. I’m all about the blue, baby. My hair in this photo is unfortunately not blue – it’s the reflection from the building across the road.)


The formula is amazing too – moisturising and comfortable, super pigmented and glides on smoothly (it contains mango, shea and murumuru butters which I’m guessing is why it’s so lush). It’s not as all-out matte as a MAC lipstick, and it’s possibly a tad shinier than a Rimmel one though, but with the matte-ness comes dry flaky zombie-mouth hell).  I’d put this in the satin category. It has a pleasant desserty vanilla scent. I’m really liking the trend towards creamier lip product scents – I’ve never been a big fan of florals near my mouth. It makes me feel a bit like I’ve eaten soap.

The only complaint I have with the formula is that the colour comes off unappealingly all over my food when I eat, but that’s pretty standard with any moisturising lipstick. I’ve recently picked up a fantastic lippie tip – take off your lipstick before you eat, and reapply afterwards, which I hope will help.

As well as the fuchsialicious Raspberry, I’ve also been wearing the brown-pink Rose Petal and the classic Bold Red. The formula has the same fantastically moisturising base for both of these. These lipsticks aren’t quite as insanely pigmented as Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish matte lipsticks, but they’re very easily buildable, and they fade evenly to produce a pretty stain.


And of course, I have to talk about the packaging. The packaging is glorious! It’s a gold version of the iconic Red Door design, and the lid closes with a satisfying click. My only tiny complaint is that the metal of the lid is very thin, so it feels a tad flimsy – but the shiny boldness of the gold makes up for it.


These were the first make-up products I’d ever tried from Elizabeth Arden, and I’m pleasantly surprised – there’s plenty to love about these lipsticks, and very little to moan about. I’m sold.

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  1. OMG!!! These lip colors are all so very pretty. I simply cannot choose the best color for every color has its own beauty. Speaking of the packaging, its a beauty too! So elegant and classy. This is something worth checking out!

  2. I didn’t like these, dehydrated my lips. Try their Ceramide lipsticks, they are way better. Their lipliners, eyeshadows and Beautiful Colour eyeliners are also wonderful


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