Loki’s Lacquer Futurama Space Pilot 3000 collection Pt 1 – Swatches and Review

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I bloody love Futurama! My sister and I used to dawdle before dinner so we’d eat right at 6:30 pm every weeknight, when Futurama would play on free-to-air TV. We’ve definitely seen every episode at least twice! So you can understand my excitement when Tara, the creator of Loki’s Lacquer, announced her Futurama-based collection, with every polish named after a Futurama quote. There are an additional 3 polishes which I haven’t shown here.

Firstly: yes, these are square mini 5 mL bottles! I’ve never liked flimsy mini bottles, but I am a massive fan of square bottles. I like how they tessellate, how easy they are to hold, and they just look stylish. I realise it’s probably hard to get the last of the polish out of the corners, but I’ve never used up a polish, so I will live in blissful ignorance 🙂

Space Pilot 3000 – OK, I lied – this is named after the first Futurama episode, not a quote. It’s a deep purple polish with multicoloured glass flecks, and a healthy dose of holo dust. Tara’s swatches were over black, but I did three coats over the naked nail, and while it wastes the precious polish, the depth it gives is gorgeous.

These shots don’t capture how stunning it is in the sun – in the shade it’s pretty nice, but I fell in love with it in the sun, where it looks like the definition of futuristic! I need sneakers in this colour 🙂

Good News Everybody Professor Farnsworth’s favourite saying! There’s a lot of aqua in Futurama’s palette, and this reminds me of the Professor’s glasses and jumper with his white lab coat, as well as the handy pneumatic travel tubes they use to get around. This is a mix of teal, aqua and white glitters in a lightly tinted shimmery aqua base.This is two coats over Rimmel Misty Jade.

Kif, We Have a Conundrum (search them for paper…and bring me a rock…) – I have a weakness for browns, and since this is a burgundy it’s pretty darn close! It’s inspired by Zapp Brannigan’s maroon and gold costume, and contains matte burgundy glitter with some red glitter, as well as a healthy dose of gold holo shapes – stars, bars and regular glitter. This is two coats dabbed over Nubar Milk Chocolate (which, by the way, is the yummiest chocolate brown I’ve seen so far!).

I’m Too Rich to Be Kidnapped is inspired by the pink tracksuit worn by Asian gazillionaire scion Amy Wong. I like Amy, partly because she sometimes speaks in Cantonese, which I can understand! It’s a mix of pink glitters (including two of my favourites, dots and squares), with some subtle purple shimmer which shows up over dark colours, and a gentle smattering of holo. I was going to try this out over a pink, but instead decided to try the more sober taupe creme, Essence Nude Rules. Two coats:

That’s it for part one! I’ll be sharing part 2 soon 🙂

Loki’s Lacquers are handmade in Australia, and can be purchased here.

These products were provided for editorial consideration, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.

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11 thoughts on “Loki’s Lacquer Futurama Space Pilot 3000 collection Pt 1 – Swatches and Review”

  1. These are so totally cute, and the colours are perfect! Much Futurama love. I especially like how you layered I’m Too Rich to Be Kidnapped. Can’t wait to see the rest!

    PS: Lei sek teng Guang-dong wah?! Hou lek ah! Sek teng siu siu, dan hai oh gong da’ m’hou. (As you can probably tell from my super-skilled Romanization, I have a looooooong way to go. ;p)

    • I love how Tara colour matches characters, it’s always perfect! 🙂 There’s a great Doctor Who one I haven’t gotten around to switching yet, but it’s unmistakably The Doctor!

      I understood all of that 🙂 My Romanisation is terrible, but Oh gong da’ gei hou, oh di’ sang “hou jiang”, dan hai oh di’ vocabulary m’hou ah!


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