Dealing with Misinformation + Error Reporting Form


Social media has been a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, experts (scientists, doctors etc.) can become far more prominent – on the other hand, misinformation endorsed by an expert carries more weight and causes more harm than if there’s no authority behind it.  Unfortunately, social media algorithms also reward churning out content quickly, regardless of accuracy. Hot …

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Neutrogena Naturals review and giveaway

As many readers know, I’m not a fan of brands which expect consumers to pay a premium simply because they’re natural, with the implication that “natural” things are somehow safer, or less “unnatural”, because they “don’t contain chemicals” (see one of my earliest posts on this marketing claptrap here). A lot of “natural” brands rely upon consumer ignorance and spread …

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Personal Planner giveaway winner!

For my giveaway you had to tell me your best organisational tip, and Anneke gave my favourite one: I love organisation and so naturally I am a big list maker. Trouble is lists get lost etc… So… we have a mirror on the back of our front door in our apartment and I keep whiteboard markers in the kitchen so …

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Foot pamper pack giveaway winners!

The winners of the Pedisox, Glow and Glamour LUS foot exfoliation packs and franken powder are Mary and Kierra. Congratulations! I’ve emailed them and am waiting for their replies 🙂 Glow and Glamour are also currently having a Facebook giveaway here – three winners, and the prize packs are worth over US$80 each!