Free Sunscreen Science E-Summit!

Sunscreen E-Summit

Here’s a special event for all the sunscreen nerds! I’ve teamed up with Jen of The Eco Well to organise the Sunscreen E-Summit, which is happening 15 May! This is a FREE event featuring some incredible speakers that you’d normally have to pay expensive conference fees to learn from, including academic researchers, ingredient supplier representatives, sunscreen formulators and regulatory experts. …

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I’m a cosmetic chemist now

It’s been a few weeks but I realised I forgot to announce this on my blog: I’m now a qualified cosmetic chemist!  A lot of people assumed I was a cosmetic chemist and called me that in comments and interviews (understandable, since I’m a chemist and talk a lot about cosmetic chemistry), so instead of continuing my standard practice of feeling …

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Dealing with Misinformation + Error Reporting Form


Social media has been a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, experts (scientists, doctors etc.) can become far more prominent – on the other hand, misinformation endorsed by an expert carries more weight and causes more harm than if there’s no authority behind it.  Unfortunately, social media algorithms also reward churning out content quickly, regardless of accuracy. Hot …

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Skincare School Podcast and Beauty Blog Research

I’m taking a short break from proper posts (will be back at the end of the week), so here’s some other stuff you might want to check out in the meantime: Skincare School Podcast I’ve teamed up with Adore Beauty (a popular Australian online beauty retailer) for the Skincare School Podcast! This is a 12-episode series on everything skincare, and …

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Thoughts on Sponsorships, Disclosures, Product Samples, Bias etc.

Hello Lab Muffin readers! Over the last couple of years you’ve probably noticed a few changes here – the launch of my YouTube channel, the growth of Instagram, my eBook debut, the gradual transition from shorter, more frequent content to longer, more in-depth posts, and the appearance of some larger sponsored projects. I’ve had lots of thoughts swirling around my …

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Powered By Chemicals Coffee and Tea Molecule Mugs

Earlier this year I really wanted a molecule mug, but I could only really find ones with caffeine on them. But the chemistry of tea and coffee is so interesting – there’s EGCG in green tea for example, an awesome antioxidant that you’ll also find in skincare products, and there’s a bunch of scent molecules in coffee that smell nasty …

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Instagram Live – Tomorrow (Monday) at 9 pm AEST

Instagram Live - Tomorrow (Monday) at 9 pm AEST

I get a lot of questions in my Instagram message inbox and email, and even as comments on unrelated posts – about whether a routine is right, or what I think of a particular product, or what I think of an ingredient, or how to use a product. I usually get more than 20 a day, and I would love …

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It’s The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare!

The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare

I’ve been really nervous and excited about this for the last few weeks, and the day is finally here: I’m launching my first eBook, The Lab Muffin Guide to Basic Skincare! As you all probably know I’m a massive skincare nerd, and I love researching and writing about it (in case you couldn’t tell from the last 7 years of …

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