Powered By Chemicals Coffee and Tea Molecule Mugs

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Earlier this year I really wanted a molecule mug, but I could only really find ones with caffeine on them. But the chemistry of tea and coffee is so interesting – there’s EGCG in green tea for example, an awesome antioxidant that you’ll also find in skincare products, and there’s a bunch of scent molecules in coffee that smell nasty on their own but awesome when diluted and mixed together.

So I thought – why not design my own mugs, showcasing some of the other interesting chemicals fueling your mornings as well?  

Powered By Chemicals Coffee and Tea Molecule Mugs

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on designing these mugs, and sorting out a way to get them made and delivered at an affordable price, and I think I’ve succeeded! I’m really happy with the quality of these mugs – my friends and I have been dishwashering the crap out of them for a while now and everything still looks fine and dandy. They’re also microwave-safe.

There’s a short description of each of the chemicals I’ve hand-drawn in the design on the product pages in the brand new Lab Muffin Shop. Don’t worry, caffeine is still on there and prominent… we all know who’s doing the brunt of the heavy lifting in our beverages!

I apologise in advance for any hiccups in the process, and so in anticipation of any technical difficulties I’ve set up a 20% discount for the first 72 hours. uUe the code DRINK THE SCIENCE to activate it.

I hope you’ll like the mugs as much as I do, and thank you so much if you decide to purchase one! I’ve already had a few suggestions for new products so there should hopefully be a few more nerdy goodies in the future…

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2 thoughts on “Powered By Chemicals Coffee and Tea Molecule Mugs”

  1. Had to have this mug. It’s by far more geeky than the caffeine molecule only mugs I’ve seen.

    I’m a baker and coffee enthusiast. I have SCA barista certification. My brother is a coffee roaster by hobby and a neurology nurse by profession. We’re developing a coffee house business. I’m always taking about the science of baking and brewing. This mug so fits my personality.


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