I’m alive! Some rare personal stuff

I’m sorry for the absence this past week – I’ve been busy! I rarely do personal posts, so bear with me this once while I explain myself (or skip ahead to tomorrow’s post if you hate this sort of thing). First off, I’ve finally graduated, which means I’m now officially Dr Muffin! Here I am in my pimping robes, with …

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Lacquerheads of Oz group blog announcement and Australia Day mani

Happy day-after-Australia-Day! I hope all the Aussies had a good day, with Tim Tams, cheese and barbeques galore (heh). Yesterday was particularly exciting in my eyes because it was the birth date of Lacquerheads of Oz. This is a group blog that a bunch of Aussie nail bloggers/technicians/just plain obsessives (30-odd of us!) started, as a place to compile all …

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Foot pamper pack giveaway winners!

The winners of the Pedisox, Glow and Glamour LUS foot exfoliation packs and franken powder are Mary and Kierra. Congratulations! I’ve emailed them and am waiting for their replies 🙂 Glow and Glamour are also currently having a Facebook giveaway here – three winners, and the prize packs are worth over US$80 each!

Lab Muffin 1.0

 Hi internet! I’m a PhD student who spends all her time either in the lab or buying/reading about/playing with beauty products. I started this blog because, being a geek, I ask “why” and “how” a lot, and when I asked these questions about health and beauty issues, the answers I usually got were along the lines of “_____ technology”, or …

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