Lacquerheads of Oz group blog announcement and Australia Day mani

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Happy day-after-Australia-Day! I hope all the Aussies had a good day, with Tim Tams, cheese and barbeques galore (heh).

Yesterday was particularly exciting in my eyes because it was the birth date of Lacquerheads of Oz. This is a group blog that a bunch of Aussie nail bloggers/technicians/just plain obsessives (30-odd of us!) started, as a place to compile all those little nail tips and tricks that people assume are common knowledge, but aren’t really – like clean-up, where to buy certain brands, how to store your nail polish, what “HTF” means, how to tell if your OPI is a fake. It’s going to become a Wikipedia of nail knowledge!

There’s not much there at the moment because it’s brand spanking new, but soon it should become a fount of nail-related knowledge. Please follow and like and all that jazz to get the latest updates 🙂

And now the boring bit of my post – my Australia Day mani. Simple, but pretty and wearable, and didn’t take long at all:

I was in a rush, so this was just Hello Darling Wanderlust (gorgeous blue with purple shimmer), topped with ulta3 Disco Fever and Nubar White Polka Dot. I wanted to go all-Aussie but didn’t have a white glitter. I’m going to do a second one tomorrow because this was so blah – I think a nice green will do me good!

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