Non-BB skincare foundation time!

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I’m an Asian BB cream devotee – after my bad breakouts while using heavy MAC foundation, the combination of skincare and medium coverage was a happy medium. But I’ve tried to branch out lately with these new products (while also buying a 4-variety sample pack of Skin79 BB creams to feed my addiction of course). 

Arbonne Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturiser SPF15

I’ve only ever tried one tinted moisturiser when I was 13, and it was medicated, so it’s never gotten me excited. I was pleasantly surprised by this one though – I actually managed to forget I had anything on, but the boyfriend (who pays more attention than I give him credit for) could tell the difference. 

It gives a lovely natural finish that smoothes capillaries and light freckles out a bit, but doesn’t do much for any darker blemishes, which is standard for a tinted moisturiser. The sheer coverage also means colour matching isn’t that important, and it blends in well with just your fingertips. It naturally gives a dewy finish, but I add powder for my oily skin. I’ve been loving this for casual and active days – it’s great forgetting you have make-up on!

Pros: very light feeling, skincare ingredients (vit A, C and E, polypeptides,) 

Cons: low SPF, light coverage only

Shades available: Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Beige, Warm Beige, Dark (I used Fair) 

RRP: $50 for 50 mL, available at

Lycogel Breathable Camouflage

This is on the opposite end of the spectrum – full, “second skin” coverage. Lycogel was originally developed for camouflaging medical wounds after cosmetic procedures and promoting recovery (much like the original BB creams), and is great for concealing skin conditions like acne and rosacea without exacerbating the problem. 

While having the heaviest coverage I’ve ever tried of any make up product (and SPF30, yay!), it certainly doesn’t feel the heaviest – it feels like my regular BB cream. Lycogel needs a bit of damp sponge handiwork to blend (a little goes a long way), but once it’s on and set, it’s water and transfer resistant. On the flip side, this also means that it doesn’t come off easily with standard cleanser – waterproof eye make up remover does the trick though. 

I can’t see myself using this regularly, but for special occasions like weddings where there are photographers aplenty and not much time for touch-ups, or if I’m having a really bad skin day (or if I ever get “work” done!), this would be perfect. 

Pros: Really dense coverage without interfering with skin recovery, waterproof

Cons: Takes a lot of effort to remove

Shades available: Ivory, Creme, Beige, Honey, Caramel, Taupe, Almond, Tawny, Cocoa and Ebony (I use Creme)

RRP: $99 for 20 mL, for stockists visit

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  1. I LOVE BB Creams! My roommate (who is Asian) gave me one that was totally the wrong color for her and I use it as a concealer now, it’s wonderful!! I liked hearing about the Lycogel product–one of my friends has trouble finding products to cover her intense acne and scarring, and I’m going to suggest she looks into the Lycogel product!!


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