Artsy Wednesday: Wedding Nails

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The theme this week for Artsy Wednesday is wedding nails. I haven’t been keeping up with reality TV on principle (and due to lack of time, but it’s mainly the principle!) so I don’t know too much about weddings, which I gather is one of the things reality TV educates one on. I’ve watched Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, but somehow that strikes me as exactly what /not/ to do.

One of the few things I know I “want” for my wedding (if I ever have one – the bf has been making noises to the effect that he wants nothing to do with them, so who knows) is that I want everything to be simple, so I (or my possible children) won’t look back and think of anything as tacky. I think for my actual wedding I’ll wear a one-colour creme mani, but that would make for a very boring Artsy Wednesday!

So this is my relatively simple wedding mani design:

It’s a drag marble using ulta3 Soft Hydrangea and Silver Grey – it incorporates something old (I bought Silver Grey back in 2006 I think), something new (Soft Hydrangea is part of the Pretty Pastels collection, released last month), something borrowed (design is based on the amazing drag marbles on My Simple Little Pleasures) and something blue (it’s blue). So hopefully that’s the wedding part sorted!

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31 thoughts on “Artsy Wednesday: Wedding Nails”

  1. haha i love the show big fat gypsy weddings! (the women on the show however must be very delusional to think that bright pinky dresses actually look half decent haha)

    lurvly nails xo

  2. Definitely feel the same about the whole simple wedding (beach wedding or DESTINATION wedding omg!) but I’m Indian, and Indians don’t do simple weddings lol. This is very pretty though, and I like how you incorporated the “somethings” into the mani.

    • The last huge public wedding I saw was Indian – horses and huge dance numbers in front of the Sydney Opera House! I always thought destination weddings were a great way of avoiding the “do I or don’t I invite them to the reception” awkwardness 😉


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