NOTD: Models Own Indian Ocean, plus stamping and matte

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I’ve been on a Low Buy July – I was going to do a No Buy July, but failed spectacularly when I bumped into Revlon Grape Fizz on sale at Myer on July 1st. Glass flecked grape scented nails? Sign me up please!

Other than that, I’ve been doing quite well. So far I’ve only bought 6 bottles of polish… but the amount of polish I’ve received in the mail has been STAGGERING. I don’t think I’ve ever received so much stuff before. The most awesome nail mail (so far… *crosses fingers*) was a swap package from my fellow Polish or Perisher ilexica, who sent me a pack of nommy sweets and even nommier English polishes!

I’ve been lemming Models Own Indian Ocean for a while (you know, like every other polish nerd on the planet), and happily it was one of the polishes ilexica picked! *squee* It’s a pink-gold duochrome shimmer in a blue jelly base. Here it is, 2 coats over ulta3 Spring Shower:

A day later, I got bored and stamped over them with Mash 39 in ulta3 Gold Rush Fever, then added Rimmel Lycra Pro Mattifying Topcoat. The effect was so ethereally pretty!

Annoyingly, my bottle has a smattering of blue and pink glitter in it. Just enough for there to be one or two glitter bits on each nail (you can see them on my middle finger), so I assume they’re not meant to be in there – probably too little to be noticed by anyone but me. Kind of like someone in the shop was playing around with it, and put the wrong brush back in, or perhaps it’s a manufacturing error. I got lazy and gave up trying to get rid of them from my nails since I did them late at night, but next time I’ll make an effort.

Check out my growing box of untrieds… holy guacamole! Low Buy July was necessary.

Bonus game: See if you can spot the 7 UK polishes ilexica sent me!
Super bonus polishnerd award: See how many brands you can name, just from the bottle caps…

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26 thoughts on “NOTD: Models Own Indian Ocean, plus stamping and matte”

  1. That mani is really beautiful, with and without the konad – really gorgeous. P.S I counted 18 that I *think* I recognise from the lids! 😀

  2. Wow this is GORGEOUS. I’ve seen it before but never seen swatches as beautiful as yours! Is there anywhere online to get this? Or is it super expensive?

  3. First the mani is stunning matte and otherwise! I NEED this polish! Second, your untrieds box makes mine look…like a bomb exploded no joke SERIOUSLY. I’m on a no buy now because seriously just no. Brands I’ve spotted about 10…jeez I’m a nerd lol!

  4. Omg looks like my box of untrieds too! I’ve been pretty good about not buying, but the other day I went to my beauty supply store and went cray cray because they had the China Glaze Bohemian Collection, Summer Neons, and Safari Collection >.< This is what happens when you are on a no-buy, you fall behind on new collections and then binge buy!!

    Btw, your swatches of Indian Ocean look amazing…I love how it makes blue polish look all bubbly <3

  5. Pretty! Kinda looks like fish scales with the stamping, and the matte effect looks really cool! I’m curious as to what the polish with the long, skinny, silver top with the little thingy on the tip is.

    • It made me think of mermaid scales 🙂 That’s a random Korean polish my sister donated to me (she doesn’t ever bother keeping polish in her room anymore, it just all goes into my polish boxes haha).

    • We should organise a Sydney nail blogger thing where we make packages of overseas polishes that we can’t quite let go of yet, and swap them all around at a meet-up. I have so many tried-once-but-can’t-put-on-a-blog-sale polishes hanging around, it would quell so many lemmings for me! Might suggest it in the Facebook group 🙂

  6. Lovely swatches – My bottle has the pink and blue glitter in too, how weird! I found your post just by googling to see if it was meant to be like that! It definitely had the original seal on when I bought it so can’t be cheeky testers mucking around with the bottles. Problem with the mixing of the latest batch maybe? I got mine relatively recently o_O

  7. I’d be a UK swapper! My bottle, bought yesterday, has those random bits in too. It can’t be intentional, they are too few of them.


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