My piCture pOlish collaboration shade: Ultra Violence by Lab Muffin

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I’ve been keeping this secret for ages now, so I’m crazy excited to be able to reveal it now – I was chosen for a piCture pOlish collaboration shade all the way back in July 2012, right after Blog Fest! My shade has been in the works for months, and today I finally get to show you swatches. 

Behold: Ultra Violence.

My shade ideas went through a fair few extreme revisions – the ladies at piCture pOlish were very patient with the changes! The inspiration for this shade ended up being purple turquoise, a stunning dyed version of regular blue-green turquoise, with shining rivers of reddish brown copper running through vivid purple rock. 

I think the ladies at piCture pOlish did a great job of interpreting this into a polish! Ultra Violence has a base of rich purple shimmer with a slight rusty duochrome at extreme angles, with foily magenta flecks which catch the light. On top of that stunning colour (which is actually richer and glowier in real life – purples do not play nice with my camera), there’s a generous smattering of coral holo hex glitter, and the whole shiny combination is opaque in 2-3 coats. I’ve fallen hard for this colour!

I can’t remember if I came up with the name, or if the boyfriend did (probably me, because he has a serious imagination deficit, but he’s not budging). It’s a neologism from A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, one of my favourite novels – it’s also a play on the word ultraviolet, because this purple packs a serious punch!

There are a bunch of other piCture pOlish blogger collaboration shades being released today – check out Instagram and Facebook for further details! If you’d like to get your hands on them, go to piCture pOlish, or head to one of their many worldwide distributors.

It’s also my second blogiversary coming up – as with every other anniversary, I forgot about it until it was breathing down my neck! I’ll be holding a giveaway for all of my lovely followers soon, which will include a bottle of Ultra Violence.

What do you think of this shade? Does it do Anthony Burgess and purple turquoise justice?

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35 thoughts on “My piCture pOlish collaboration shade: Ultra Violence by Lab Muffin”

  1. I pretty much was up all night thinking about what name and color PP I would pick, if I ever were to be so fortunate. LOL, I think my psychic powers knew they were releasing polishes today. Congrats! It’s beautiful. 🙂

    • I used to think about this too, but when it actually happened, my mind went completely blank! I’m so glad inspiration struck at the right time though, otherwise I would literally have a lifetime of regret!

  2. That is a beautiful colour! Purple is one of my absolute favourite colours and that shade is just stunning. Good on you for keeping it a secret (I don’t think I would have been able to) and congratulations on your blogiversary! 🙂



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