NYX Lippypalooza swatches and review

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As many Aussies know, the long lusted-after brand NYX has recently hit our Target stores, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite NYX lip products. I ordered these from Cherry Culture during one of their regular NYX sales. I chose all of these based on blog reviews and swatches only, so I was very pleased when I only had one dud (Antwerp – it just doesn’t look good on me!). Lucky for us, we can now see most of them in person!

(Warning: The colours on the NYX website are NOT ACCURATE! This is why the world needs bloggers 😉 I mean, one of the many reasons, of course!)

I’ll start with the NYX Round Lipsticks. These are very moisturising creamy lippies, which are very comfortable to wear and easy to apply. It’s one of my favourite formulas!

Fig is a medium pink, and available in Australia. It’s just a tad too light for me.

Doll is the perfect colour for me. No question. The moment I put it on, I knew it was going to be my go-to lip colour. It’s not red enough to be special-occasion, but deep enough to be sexy. I didn’t see it in the Target store I visited, so I’m not sure if it’ll be coming to Australia. I’ll be looking out for a similar colour next time I visit Target!

One thing that irritates me is that the tubes for Fig and Doll are slightly different; the tubes for the soft matte lip creams are different too! I realise that this is the most trivial complaint ever, but I like my things to line up, grr! This is one of those things you can guard against with an in-store purchase – you can be as anal as you want.

NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams are a cult favourite, but despite my love of matte and vanilla scents, I’m not joining the bandwagon this time – it’s not that I hate them, but I doubt I’d pick up one of these over a lippie. The colour transfers pretty easily, although they’re pleasantly matte and are pretty much feather-proof once set.

Antwerp looked very weird on me (matte and light don’t do it for me), but the deeper Sao Paulo is quite pretty!

Indie Flick is a matte lipstick that’s on the shinier side of matte. It’s an orange-toned red that’s very flattering on me, more so than plain oranges which look weird on me. It’s not as long-lasting as most other mattes on me, but I love it anyway.

So far I’ve only tried these lippies and the Champagne and Caviar palette from NYX, and have loved them all! What are your favourite NYX products? Enable me in the comments section!

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