Instagram Live – Tomorrow (Monday) at 9 pm AEST

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Instagram Live - Tomorrow (Monday) at 9 pm AEST

I get a lot of questions in my Instagram message inbox and email, and even as comments on unrelated posts – about whether a routine is right, or what I think of a particular product, or what I think of an ingredient, or how to use a product. I usually get more than 20 a day, and I would love to answer them all but unfortunately I just don’t have the time (time-poor, working 2 jobs, millenial life!).

I’ve been thinking about what to do about this. I know some bloggers have a paid skin coaching service, and I’ve thought about doing this so that at least there’s an option if you want a guaranteed response. But at the moment with my day job and everything, that would leave me even LESS time to make videos and write blog posts (and also try to have a life and down-time, which is something I am failing at MISERABLY).

So I thought I’d do an Instagram Live session where I’ll answer as many questions as I can.

It’ll be at 9 pm Sydney time Monday night (less than 24 hours), and it’ll go until I get tired and need to shower and go to bed. My Instagram account is here: @labmuffinbeautyscience

It’s going to be my first Instagram Live – please be nice to me! I’ll be sure to upload the video somewhere afterwards too.

See you soon?

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