My Best Daiso Beauty Buys

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I love Daiso. Even when I’m not after anything in particular, I can’t resist wandering through the aisles, just to look at all the shiny Japanese products, all of which can be had for $2.80. I’ve found a lot of gems in there, as well as a lot of duds – here are my favourite beauty buys from Daiso, as well as some disappointments.


My Favourites

Storage containers – Storage containers are my number 1 Daiso buy. I must have $100 worth of them sitting around at home. I particularly like the clear plastic containers that come in a million different sizes, and the cute flowerpots that are fantastic as make-up brush holders.

Daiso Puff and Sponge Detergent – I still havent’t found a more efficient cleanser for my make-up brushes. This is the bomb-diggity-omb – clean make-up brushes in just a few swirls, and it’s super easy to rinse out.

Mirrors – Where else can you pick up a decent sized mirror for $2.80?

Pouffe-on-a-stick – I am still in love with mine! It’s perfect for scrubbing your back, or washing your legs when you’ve done too many squats and can’t bend your legs, or even applying moisturiser to your back.

Cotton pads – I love Daiso’s cotton pads (or “cotton puffs” as they’re labelled) – they’re structured enough that they don’t fall apart easily, but they’re not rough on the eyes either. I always grab a few boxes when I drop by Daiso.


The Duds

DIY expanding sheet mask pellets – Lots of fun to watch, but doesn’t work well if your mask isn’t mostly water, and the masks are too small for most people’s faces.

Eyelash holder case – It’s nice that they have eyelash holder cases at all, but they’re flimsy and look and feel cheap… it’s what you’d expect from a $2.80 product, which unfortunately makes it crap by Daiso standards.


What are your favourite Daiso beauty buys?

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9 thoughts on “My Best Daiso Beauty Buys”

  1. Omg I need to try that detergent! It doesn’t dry out your brushes, does it? (Couldn’t find that in the original review, sorry!) I love their cotton pads too and also grab a few boxes each time, haha. High five!

  2. I’m about the same about the storage containers, even at $2.80 each I think I’ve still got a fair chunk of money sitting in my drawers storing my makeup! haha I’m a HUGE fan of the Puff & Sponge cleaner and stock up on the Cotton Pads every time I’m near the store.

  3. The brush detergent hands down is the best thing I’ve gotten from Daiso! What I really want to try though is their silicone face mask – it’s a mask you put on over your sheet mask to stop it from evaporating so quickly. I haven’t seen it in my local Daiso but I’ve seen it on Amazon.


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