Reacting to Your Unpopular Opinions

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I asked on Instagram for all your unpopular opinions a short while back, and filmed a chatty video discussing a handful of them – check it out here

Topics covered:

  • 0:19 Body moisturisers are good face moisturisers
  • 1:10 Skincare is unnecessary
  • 2:32 Physical exfoliation is terrible for sensitive skin
  • 5:20 Hyaluronic acid causes inflammation
  • 8:23 Hyaluronic acid dries skin out
  • 11:44 Vitamin C is overrated compared to other antioxidants
  • 14:00 Western consumers buy inauthentic K-beauty
  • 15:15 Not wearing sunscreen
  • 16:10 Misinformation from chemists
  • 17:04 Sick of single star ingredient products

I’m thinking of turning this into a regular series – what do you think?

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