Essence Australia: Good Girl Bad Girl & Unforgettable Kiss Collections

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More Essence Trend collections are coming! Here’s what’s launching in Australia in the next couple of months…

Good Girl Bad Girl (available March-April 2015 in Priceline)


Quattro Eyeshadow (bright, dark) ($5.75), Blush ($5.10), Lipstick (dark purple, fuchsia) ($4.70), Effect Top Coats (rose gold, silver) ($4.10), Like a Good Girl Fragrance ($6.95), Like a Bad Girl Fragrance ($6.95), Lipgloss ($4.10), Multi Style Eyeliner Pen ($6.15)

Not pictured: Nail Polish (6 shades) ($4.10)

This collection is half good girl themed (pastel shades) and half bad girl themed (brights and darks), which means there’s something for everyone. The eyeshadow palettes are really lovely – the shadows are prone to a bit of fallout, and the textures aren’t that exciting except for the rose gold which is gorgeous. One quad has pink, peach, rose gold and light purple while the other has fuchsia, rose gold, black and dark purple. I’m a bit partial to the darker quad, and while pigmentation isn’t amazing, the sheerness makes them quite wearable.

The blush is quite similar to the Silky Touch Blush in peach in their standard range. The lipsticks are quite nice – there’s a fuchsia (Caught in the Middle) and a deep plummy purple (It Wasn’t Me!). It Wasn’t Me! is my must-have pick of the collection – it’s a really unusual, gorgeously rich shade, though it wears off quickly with food.

The eyeliner is a three-pronged eyeliner, which is meant for helping you dot eyeliner between your lashes, giving them a fuller look. While I love that Essence have caught onto this trend early, the ink of this eyeliner is not that waterproof and a little sheer.bad-girl-eyeliner-IMG_5356

There are not one, but TWO fragrances in this collection! They’re super affordable and a great size to keep as your emergency back-up at work. Like a Good Girl has a powdery floral scent, with notes of rose and freesia over a musky base. Like a Bad Girl has a fruity gourmand feel, with strong sugar, peach, pepper and caramel notes. They both smell really familiar, but I can’t quite remember which perfumes they smell like. I’ll be keeping these in my desk drawer for emergencies!


Like an Unforgettable Kiss (available March-April 2015 in Target)


Eyeshadow (purple, mint, blue) ($3.70), Lip Smoother ($4.10), Duo Blush ($6.75), Blush Brush ($5.75), Nail Polish (mint, apricot, pink, purple) ($3.70), Like An Unforgettable Kiss Fragrance ($14.95)

Not pictured: Lipstick (apricot, pink, bright red) ($4.70)

The An Unforgettable Kiss collection features pretty romantic colours. I really like the rich creamy polish colours, and the blush comes in an adorable heart-shaped box.


The blush brush has a purple heart in the middle of the pink bristles when viewed from the end. It’s a bit too big for blush in my opinion, so I’ll be using it for powder. It’s not as soft as the Bloom Me Up brushes, and it’s a bit of a shedder straight out of the pack, but it’s great value.


The fragrance “Like an Unforgettable Kiss” is a fresh fruity floral – it’s very sugary and reminds me of the Britney Spears line of perfumes. It’s a great scent for young girls, but not one you’d go for if you’re migraine-prone.

Which products will you be picking up? My picks are the brush, the polishes from An Unforgettable Kiss, the fragrances and It Wasn’t Me! lipstick.

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  1. The eyeliner definitely looks like a standout however sad to read the pigment isn’t that good. I’ve always been interested in trying an applicator like this a go- I might still pick one up as Essence is always so affordable. Then if I don’t like it I haven’t splurged.

  2. I LOVE THIS POST AND I LOVE YOU! Essence is underrated and so is your blog! I was looking for reviews on the first line but I could only find ones in German which I can’t understand! Bless this blog

    • Haha thank you! I too know the pain of having to Google Translate German blogs trying to find details on Essence, and getting back sentences like “This mascara octopus my eyelashes” and getting really bloody irritated that the ONLY WORD THAT MATTERED in the sentence got garbled!


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