Models Prefer Skin Cleanser review

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I’ve been umming and ahhing about investing in a Clarisonic for a while – I’ve heard really good things about it, but I have the worst habit of buying electric appliances and using them feverishly for a week, then never using them again (hello, epilator!). So when I heard that Priceline had started stocking a similar product at an extremely low price point, I thought it would be a good way to test how it’d fit into my current regimen before deciding whether to invest in the real thing.

The Models Prefer Skin Cleanser retails at $15.99, and comes with 4 attachments – one regular brush, and a sensitive brush, and a foam moisturiser applicator and rubbery massage “fingers”. It also comes with a storage stand. It’s battery operated (2 x AA) and waterproof, although I’d advise against using it underwater.

I had an embarrassing moment trying to work out how to put the batteries in – it took me a few minutes of desperate tugging to work out that this is how it comes apart. If you end up buying it, save this photo! You can also see the black rubber ring which prevents water getting into the electronic innards.

I originally thought the brush would rotate, but it actually vibrates and causes the head to make small, rapid circles.It’s kind of entertaining how it vibrates the skin, and my face felt funny after the first few times I used it, but you get used to it quickly. I’ve found it extremely easy to incorporate into my skincare regimen – I’ve simply used it to apply cleanser a few times a week instead of my hands, and I keep it just outside the shower.


Normal brush – This is the attachment I get the most use of, and I wish I’d been given two of these! On my skin it feels like a coarse-grained scrub, and the bristles are as hard as those on a soft toothbrush.

I’ve been using this with a variety of cleansers (e.g. Guinot Bioxygene Cleansing Foam, Nivea Cleansing Mousse, Lush Angels on Bare Skin, Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant, Jurlique Purifying Foaming Cleanser). The grainier scrubs aren’t much good with this brush – the brush’s scrubbing action is stronger than the scrub’s, and more than sufficient to get a good clean, plus the grains get clogged up in the brush, making it hard to clean. The self-foaming cleansers tend to block my nose with soap suds. The best ones in my opinion have been the gel cleansers that don’t foam too much. I’ve been able to thoroughly remove makeup with it, and my skin has broken out less after full makeup days since I started brushing.

Gentle brush – The same idea, but with softer bristles. I can barely feel this one – it’s probably good for girls with sensitive skin, or perhaps if you’re sunburnt but desperately want to scrub your skin. But for me it’s meh.

Sponge applicator – This is basically a cosmetic sponge on a plastic holder, for jiggling moisturiser into your skin. I tried this once, and it left my face covered in greasy plastic smell, which refused to go away, so I’ve steered clear of this one.

“Massaging fingers” – This is supposedly for massaging your face when you’re stressed – I was originally skeptical (I mean, the brush already vibrates, is it necessary to include something that feels like it’s made from “body-safe” silicone and has three little fingers?!) but I tried it, and yeah, it’s not bad. It’s particularly nice on the jaw and temples if you tend to clench when you’re tense. So I take it all back, weird fingers!

Biggest pro: Super cheap – a Clarisonic will set you back about $150.

Biggest con: Battery operated. Old school! Models Prefer does have a rechargeable model that’s around $100, but for that price I would go for a Clarisonic.

Verdict: This brush cleanser is amazing value, and a great way to test out a cleansing brush. I’ve used it almost continuously for three weeks, and it feels like it’s paid for itself. I can’t properly compare it to a Clarisonic, and I’m not entirely sold on the whole “sonic action” thing, but this has really sold me on the cleansing brush concept.

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16 thoughts on “Models Prefer Skin Cleanser review”

  1. I agree I am not sold on the ‘sonic’ action of the Clarisonic either but I do love the results I’ve received from it. If you can get in the habit of using it regularly it’s money well spent. Shame the MP one only comes with batteries.

    • I leave mine out and it’s like brushing my teeth now – AM and PM always for face washing and the rest of my skin care routine…a few rare times I am dead on my feet, I do keep single use face wipes at my bedside…but always feel when I have used them that I need to rush to the Clarisonic first thing in the AM because my face does not feel ‘right’ and really clean.

    • @Klara – I’m still on my first set of batteries – I think they’ll last til the end of my first month at least, which is ok, I can handle changing the batteries once a month! Not quite as convenient as a rechargeable, but I was honestly expecting the batteries to last only a fortnight.

      @beachgal – I’m a bit wary of using it too much since I slather AHA and BHA on my face as well, but I can see how it gets addictive! Maybe I’ll use the gentle brush every second day…

  2. Cool, I think clairsonic is overpriced but people buy it because they don’t trust these off-brands. Good to know of one that is good for the price.

  3. I’m not sold on the whole clarisonic thing, I mean, really, I can get a facial brush from The Body Shop for $4 for the same thing.. lol. But this seems like a much better price point and a fun idea.

  4. I am beyond sold on my Clarisonic…have had mine for more than 3 yrs now (a Pro model) – I expected not to think it was anything great – had used a variety of electric toothbrushes (including sonic ones) and always went back to an old manual. But when I saw how my skin reacted using the Clarisonic there was no going back to hand washing. I always thought I was doing a good job washing my face – but nope..the Clarisonic does a job that I cannot do manually…my skin was firmer, softer and my pores went down to …well nearly invisible. It’s one of my desert island products. Would not want to deal with another brand unless I knew it was going to have the quality and lasting power that the Clarisonic has. I have used a couple of the newer knock of brands that friends have bought and they are not comps at all…they don’t have the power, the brush heads, the up and down circulating/rotating ability the Clarisonic has. I bought mine through an aestheticism who sold me the Pro model for what I would have paid for the consumer grade.

    • I really need to try the Clarisonic, or see a comparison done – I’m incredibly happy with what this brush does, but it’s possible that the Clarisonic would blow me away. Maybe when this dies I’ll give it a go 🙂

  5. I have the Olay one, which goes for $30. I got it as a less expensive alternative to the Clarisonic and I love it! Although, I haven’t tried the Clarisonic, so I might like that better if I tried it… One thing I like about the Olay is the size of the brush head. The Olay is smaller so it fits in the crevices by the nose and lips, where I think the Clarisonic brush may be too big to fit into those areas as well…

  6. Hm, so what would you say are the advantages this kind of appliance has over other kinds of physical scrubs? Possibly in actual practice, not what THEY claim it does.

  7. Hi Michelle! I’m not sure it’s the right place to ask this question, but I haven’t found a more suitable post. So, cleansing. It is said cleansing with ordinary cleansers (most of these liquid foaming stuff) damages skin and breaks the natural lipid skin barrier as it can dissolve lipids. But! Exfoliants and acids also dissolve lipids. Why then acids are good and cleansers are bad? Is it only the question of pH, or what’s that difference that makes one thing dissolving lipids beneficial and exfoliating, and the other thing damaging?
    I would be very grateful for the answer as it’s the point I don’t get and it’s torturing my brain 🙂
    Thank you for your blog!


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