Review and swatches: Face of Australia Budge-Proof Gel Eyeliner

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One of my desert island beauty products would have to be gel eyeliner. It lasts for ages, gives precise, dense colour, and is so much easier to handle than liquid (see my rave about Essence Gel Eyeliner here). So, predictably, I was very excited when budget-friendly and cult favourite Aussie brand Face of Australia announced their new Budge-Proof Gel Eyeliner range.

There are 5 shades available – Blackest Black (matte black), Blackest Shimmer (black with silver glitter), Brilliant Blue (metallic dark blue), Espresso (metallic brown) and Pure Purple (metallic bright purple). They come with cone shaped lids which include a hidden detachable flattened brush, allowing you to create both thin and thick lines. You can use the brush as is, or you can clip it backwards into the lid for a more ergonomic handle.

Biggest pros:
– Long lasting – I wore Brilliant Blue and Pure Purple through two hours of pole classes in the summer heat, and ended up looking like this:

My eyeliner is the only presentable bit of my face. Home run, gel eyeliner. Home freaking run.

– Glides on smoothly, and is pigment-rich

– Widely available and budget friendly – I’m a bit scared of buying expensive gel eyeliners because I know I’ll leave the lid loose and come back to a jar of clumpy powder.

– Handy brush – I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken gel eyeliner with me and forgotten to bring a brush! This is idiotproof.

Biggest cons:

– The lid can unscrew itself if it gets jostled around in a makeup bag for too long – I like to take my eyeliner with me and when I don’t screw the lid with some force, it opens up. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to dry out too quickly.

– Not a storage-friendly shape – If you’re not a fan of the brushes it comes with, you’re stuck with the high conical shape. I love the convenience of the in-built brush, but I can see this being a deal-breaker for some!

Overall, I think this is a much-needed addition to our drugstore shelves. While I want more colours (green! gold!), realistically I think I’ll be hitting the matte black way harder than the other colours, especially as we move into autumn.

Face of Australia Budge-Proof Gel Eyeliners retail for $9.95 and are available from Priceline, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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  1. face of australia gel liner is brilliant, i have tryed so many and this one does not move at all, it stays on for hours and hours, brilliant for travel and holidays, also weddings


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