My favourite nail art of 2014

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had some fun celebrations – I certainly did!

To continue my end-of-year round-up, I’m looking back at my favourite nail art from last year. Artsy Wednesday concluded in 2014, and I’ve honestly been quite lazy about nail art without it. I’ve been pretty happy with my progress though!


Blue Rose – inspired by Leroy Nguyen


Triangle Cutouts with Drag Marble


Distressed Nails (inspired by Chalkboard Nails)


Warm Glitter Gradient over Nude


Water Marble Chevrons


Steampunk Nail Art

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7 thoughts on “My favourite nail art of 2014”

  1. Blue rose is BEAUTIFUL!!! I kept scrolling back up just to stare at it. It is among the prettiest nail art I have ever seen.


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