Artsy Wednesday: Newsprint Nails

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This is a new technique I’ve never tried before, and it turned out a lot easier than I expected! All you need to do is let your background colour dry thoroughly, then dip your nails in alcohol (vodka, rubbing alcohol, methylated spirits etc.) so there’s a thin alcohol layer on top. Then you quickly press a rectangle of newspaper onto it for about 30 seconds. The ink transfers onto your nail like a temporary tattoo!

The base I used was ulta3 Earl Grey with Rimmel Lively Lilac sponged on top as a gradient with a kitchen sponge. This was also a new technique for me, it turned out better than I expected! After it dried, I used my household cleaning mixture of isopropanol/ethanol to transfer some Chinese newspaper cuttings. I finished with a coat of Poshe topcoat, but it didn’t look right shiny, so I mattified it using Rimmel Lycra Pro Mattifying Topcoat.

There was a lot of newspaper ink hanging around on my fingers afterward which was a mess to clean up (I didn’t do a great job, sorry!), and the alcohol dried out my skin a bit, but I really like the result! I’m glad I tried it, definitely thinking of things to do with it in the future…

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35 thoughts on “Artsy Wednesday: Newsprint Nails”

  1. Love how you used a Chinese newspaper. Some characters are palindromic and I can still read it with ease 😀 Must try this out soon, it’s been on my to-do list since forever!

  2. I love doing these. I always dip the newspaper in rubbing alcohol, but i think next time I’ll try dipping my nail in. Mattifying it is such a good idea! Also, nice sponging=]

    • Hmm, I didn’t even think of doing it that way! Must be all those temporary tattoos from my childhood! 😛 Thanks! I was pretty happy with the sponging 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m becoming a fan of them too, I always avoided them in the past because I thought they’d be fiddly, but Artsy Wednesday made me have a go! 🙂

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