ulta3 Eye Shadow & Blush Palette review

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I’ve been really impressed with ulta3’s new products lately – ulta3 Eye and Cheek palette is my new favourite! I’ve been meaning to review this for ages, and only got around to it now.

It’s housed in an elegant-looking, glossy black square palette with a satisfying heaviness, and a deep solid click when it closes. I think packaging is really important for how “cheap” or “expensive” a product feels, and this palette really nails it in the luxe department – it feels like one of the better Australis palettes.


The entire inside lid is covered by a large mirror, which also adds to the upmarket feel of the palette. The powders are pressed into little bumps. The presentation is just so spot on for such a budget-friendly product. Well done ulta3!

(By the way, it’s $10. I couldn’t believe it! It would still be a bargain at double the price.)

Onto the actual products! The palette has two rows of eyeshadows, one brown/nude and one monochrome, separated by two blushes.


The eyeshadows are a mix of shimmer and matte. The texture and pigmentation are pretty impressive (if you consider their price, it’s mindblowing, really), and they last all day over primer.

The colours in the palette include:

  • matte satin pale beige
  • matte taupe
  • shimmery copper-tan
  • shimmery bronze
  • sheer silvery grey with chunky shimmer
  • shimmery steel grey
  • matte black with lots of chunky silver microglitter
  • matte black with sparse silver shimmer


I’m particularly fond of the shimmery browns which are pretty and work friendly, and the shimmery steel grey shade is gorgeous too. My main criticism of the eyeshadows is that there are too many monochromes and not enough browns (though there’s definitely dome personal bias at play here – I LURVE brown eyeshadows but I can’t remember the last time I used a true monochrome). There are a couple of nice all-over lid colours, but there’s no darker brown to use as a crease shade and I personally find black too dramatic for the crease.

The blushes are very nice. There’s a nice workhorse crimson, and a peachy coral colour with subtle golden shimmer that’s similar to the oft-copied NARS Orgasm. Both are great for a range of skin tones, and the staying power is good.


ulta3 have a bunch of other Christmas goodies out, but this palette is my #1 pick!

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4 thoughts on “ulta3 Eye Shadow & Blush Palette review”

    • Haha yep, it really isn’t! I looked through my drawers recently and found some old ulta3 eyeshadows and they were actually horrible though. I’m hoping they’re on the up-and-up now!

  1. Wow, this actually looks pretty amazing! I’m so impressed with the packaging, the selection of shades is pretty amazing and wearable. Suitable for both everyday and a smokey eye! I may have to check this out!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • It’s really worth it in my opinion – and if you don’t end up liking it, this would be a great hand-me-down/bribe for a young relative 😛


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