Breaking Down 5 Minute Crafts “Viral” Beauty Hacks (Video)

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I’ve looked at some more 5 Minute Craft beauty hacks – they’re a mixed bag. Some of them are awful, some of them are actually not that bad. This set includes a few beauty hacks I’ve seen around the place:

  • Aspirin for pimples
  • DIY glitter eyeshadow
  • Activated charcoal for teeth
  • Wasabi lip colour
  • Dark circles and tea bags

Check it out on YouTube here.

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  1. Great stuff Michelle! I don’t know what’s better – finding out what works or not, or your reaction to some of the “hacks” 🙂 Did you ever think of putting together your own collection of all the good ones? Or, even better, a collection of the worst ones 🙂


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