Guest Post: Remington Barber’s Best (Virtually Indestructible) Beard Trimmer review


This is a guest post from our esteemed nail art guru. He’s also apparently a male grooming appliance connoisseur. Here are his musings on the Remington Barber’s Best (aka. the Virtually Indestructible) Beard Trimmer. I’m normally the kind of person who wonders why anyone would spend extra money when they can get something cheaper that does the same job. But …

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Why You Should Never Straighten or Curl Wet Hair


I’ve been straightening and curling my hair wet/damp for years, despite all the popcorn-sounding fizzes and crackles – but some science I’ve recently read have made me do a complete 180. It turns out wet and dry hair respond to extreme heat very differently – and wet hair cops it far worse, and not just because it’s more fragile. First, …

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Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush Review


I’ve used a cheapie vibrating cleansing brush for a while for physical exfoliation and hardcore make-up removal purposes, but Remington’s Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush is the first rotating brush I’ve tried – it actually both rotates AND vibrates. It has a stylish pale green handle and comes with three brush heads – normal, sensitive and massage. The normal head has …

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Lady Jayne Style Guards Review


I’ve been wearing ponytails for years, so I have an almost permanent “ponytail bump” when I take my hair out. Lady Jayne’s Style Guards are nifty ponytail holders made of a phone cord-like plastic spiral (“Flexi-Coil technology”), that promises to eliminate the ponytail bump. It didn’t quite get rid of the bump in my hair, but it’s definitely better! The …

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New finds: The Body Shop, Urban Rituelle, DB Twist ‘n’ Go Polish Remover


I’ve been trying out a whole bunch of things lately – here are the ones that’ve made it to the top of my “yes!” pile. Urban Rituelle have released the new Dreamweaver range, which includes 2 summery fragrance blends – Island Blossom, a mix of jasmine, frangipani and berries, and Coconut & Lotus, which is a sugary blend of coconut, …

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Remington i-LIGHT Pro+ Face & Body IPL review Pt 1

Remington i-LIGHT Pro+ Face & Body IPL 5 month review

Remington have just released the i-LIGHT Pro+ Face & Body IPL6500AU, a new home IPL machine for permanent hair removal. I’m getting to the point where I’m sick of itchy shaving stubble and waxing takes too much effort, so IPL and lasers have been on my mind for a while! Remington kindly gave me a machine to trial. How does …

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Schick Intuition shaver review


This is a product for super lazy people – Schick Intuition razors lather and shave in one go, in case you’re finding it too hard to put soap on yourself. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually a bit tricky to lather with soap, then shave your legs before the soap gets washed away. Of course, you can turn …

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