Luxcurly Lux Natural Curling Iron review


My hair does not curl. It’s just a fact of life that I’ve accepted over the years – I’ve tried curling with a straightener, with regular curling tongs, wire curlers, you name it – my hair just wants nothing to do with it. I recently tried sleeping in sponge curlers – as well as looking really dumb, it somehow actually …

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May Empties


I can’t believe it’s June already! This year has flown by. Here are my empties from May: I have a lot of hair, so I go through a lot of shampoo and conditioner. I finished off Toni and Guy Nourish Conditioner for Damaged Hair, which I really liked, as well as Appelles Blackseed Shampoo and Tamanu Conditioner, which had lovely …

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ghd AIR Hairdryer Review


I’ve had the same hairdryer forever without feeling any need for a few one. I mean, it dries my hair – that’s all I need, right? So I was curious to see if the highly-hyped ghd AIR would change my mind. (Side note: I discovered that ghd stands for “Good Hair Day” while writing this review. Point and laugh at …

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Konjac Sponge Review: Ecotools and Kuu

I’m a big fan of physical exfoliation – while I love chemical exfoliation, my skin is really receptive to a good polishing every once in a while. My long-time favourites have been peeling gels and cleansing brushes, but after listening to the good folk at Skincare Addiction rave about konjac sponges, I had to try them for myself. Konjac is …

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Face brush comparison: Benefit, Essence and Real Techniques

Two short years ago, I owned one makeup brush, and it came in a blush compact. Now I have about 50 (don’t ask me to actually count!), and I’m addicted. The smooth application is fun, not to mention the face tickle you get from the touchably soft brushes! Here are some face-stroking ranges I’ve been using a lot lately: Essence …

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Cheap and awesome: How to wash your brushes with Daiso detergent

Daiso is a Japanese variety store that’s been quietly expanding in Australia over the past year. It’s the largest of Japan’s “100 yen” chains, and while 100 yen is technically about $1.05, everything in Daiso Australia retails at $2.80, which is still somehow an amazing bargain. I can never leave without picking a few things up. One of the cult …

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Nail blogger secrets for pretty nails 3: Clean-up is your sneaky BFF

Part 3 of the Nail Blogger Secrets series is devoted to clean-up. Clean-up and quick dry top coat were the two discoveries that converted me from casual nail fan to full-blown addict. Life-changing? Yes, I would say so! Click through for part 1 (top coats) and part 2 (nail maintenance). Most nail bloggers and Instagram girls don’t need to airbrush …

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What’s in my handbag? Travel edition

I’m hoping it’s not just me and I’m not outing myself as an irredeemable weirdo – I LOVE looking at what beauty products other people use. I love going through other girls’ handbag stashes, and when I’m in someone’s bathroom I can’t resist taking a peek at what products they’ve got in there. (I can feel everyone revoking their dinner …

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