Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush Review

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remington-cleansing-brushI’ve used a cheapie vibrating cleansing brush for a while for physical exfoliation and hardcore make-up removal purposes, but Remington’s Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush is the first rotating brush I’ve tried – it actually both rotates AND vibrates.

It has a stylish pale green handle and comes with three brush heads – normal, sensitive and massage.


The normal head has bristles similar to those on a very soft toothbrush. The sensitive head is softer still, and the massage head has little silicone nubbins. Changing the heads is easy – you pull the first head off the handle firmly, the new head will click into place easily. The heads come with clear protectors with drainage holes.


Pressing the single button cycles the brush through three increasingly intense rotation speeds. There’s a one minute timer, and the brush buzzes every 20 seconds while in use to let you know when to switch the part you’re cleaning.

The brush is rechargeable, which is super handy if you’re like me and you never have the right spare batteries around. It’s also shower-proof and comes with a handy storage case.

The massage head is something I thought was a gimmick but it turns out it’s really enjoyable to use. The cleansing power of the other two brushes is pretty awesome – I removed a full face of heavy makeup in less than a minute using the sensitive brush and the foaming cleanser. I did find that the normal and sensitive heads were a fair bit harsher than I was expecting – with my vibrating brush, I use a head with bristles that are as stiff as a standard toothbrush’s, but it feels about the same as using the sensitive head on this rotating brush gently on my face. I think it’s mostly a matter of getting used to it. I do wish it had a vibrate-only mode though!

Overall, this is a nicely designed cleansing brush – if you like rotating brushes, you’ll love this! You can find it here on Amazon, at Harvey Norman or at Boots.

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5 thoughts on “Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush Review”

  1. I’m not much of a fan of oscillating brushes because my skin is quite sensitive, so I just use them once a week and I can say I honestly see the difference. I think Remington does nice products, so I’m sure their brush will be great too!

    • I also find that infrequent physical exfoliation makes a huge difference. I wish I knew earlier to back off on the scrubs, I suffered with bad skin for so many years!

  2. I’ve been trying a cheapie rotating brush from Olay recently. I really wish it vibrated since I don’t know if it’s doing heaps, but it does help exfoliate


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