Guest Post: Remington Barber’s Best (Virtually Indestructible) Beard Trimmer review

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This is a guest post from our esteemed nail art guru. He’s also apparently a male grooming appliance connoisseur. Here are his musings on the Remington Barber’s Best (aka. the Virtually Indestructible) Beard Trimmer.

I’m normally the kind of person who wonders why anyone would spend extra money when they can get something cheaper that does the same job. But I was given one of these Barber’s Best Beard Trimmers from Remington ($79.95) to review, so I took it for a spin.


The Barber’s Best Beard Trimmer is called the Virtually Indestructible Beard Trimmer overseas. They must have changed the name for Australia because Australians would see it as a challenge.

The trimmer uses a lithium battery, which gives you ample power and good runtime (120 h) from a 4 h charge. The power of this trimmer is fucking good. My last few trimmers I’ve tried made me feel like I was trying to fell a forest with a handsaw, going back and forth over the same spot, but with the Remington trimmer I’ve got a bulldozer, and the forest is gone in no time.


The runtime is also a step up from some other trimmers, which seem to last for about 15 minutes, especially after a couple of years’ usage. Also, it can be used while it’s charging, which is important in case your battery runs out and you’re left with just a Hitler moustache. Unless that’s what you’re after?

It comes with 2 interchangeable blades: the beard blade and the stubble blade, which I will call “the short blade” and “the little bit shorter blade”, respectively.


I couldn’t really work out the difference other than the look of the blade, and a slight difference in the length of the cut. But maybe the stubble blade doesn’t work well with long hair and the “adjustable zoom comb”. Either way, I don’t really use the shorter blade so much, because I think I look better with a 5 o’clock shadow than a 1:30 pm shadow. If you want longer stubble, or for trimming a longer beard, the trimmer comes with an adjustable zoom comb (1.5-18mm) on a patented roller system.

Now I’m no patent attorney, but I feel like they haven’t actually invented anything here, but either way, it’s a nice touch. The whole thing is easy to use and you can define some pretty neat lines with little effort. I tried using it to create this stylish monkey tail, which turned out to be pretty easy.


The trimmer is also showerproof and fully washable, and although I’ve never felt compelled to shave in the shower (possibly due to lack of a mirror), some people may find it handy. Being washable is a nice feature, but it makes the included cleaning brush a little redundant. Oh well, I probably wouldn’t have used it anyway. It also comes with lubricating oil, which I have not yet used, but I hear it’s a good thing to do.

Unsurprisingly, it comes with a power adapter, but it has a unique connector, so you can’t use another charger. The lot comes with a storage pouch, which I actually found really handy. Finally, it comes with 5 year warranty (2 years on the blades). Not bad in the end.

The verdict: This is good shit. I won’t go back to using shitty quality, weak and cheap shit again.

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  1. I think trimming beard is must! I like grooming my beards not cutting them all. Beards are in trend and making it more effective in looks

  2. Beard is a fashion for a man in this time. I love the different styles on my beard, not fully Trimming beard. I am using also a Beard Trimmer that’s why I can give my beard style easily.

  3. Great review on beard trimmer bro we also try Wahl trimmer after reading your review will try Remington trimmer will purchase as soon as possible

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