PuraBeaute Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Review

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PuraBeaute Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Review

About the PuraBeaute Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

The PuraBeaute sonic facial cleansing brush is rechargable and completely waterproof, with a magnetic charger so all the electronics are confined in the plastic case. The brush head vibrates over 300 times a second, with your choice of 3 speeds, indicated by a green (sensitive), yellow (normal) or red (intense) light around the buttons. It has a built-in timer sequence which pulses to tell you to change where you’re washing – it gives you 20 seconds for your forehead, 20 seconds for your chin and 10 seconds per cheek.

The PuraBeaute comes with click-on Everyday (black ring) and Gentle (grey ring) brush heads. You can also buy the stiffer Deep Cleanse brush head for a more thorough clean, or the Soft Silk brush head for very sensitive skin.

The brush also comes with a stand and a USB charging cable which can be attached to a wall plug (provided) or a computer.

PuraBeaute Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Review


The PuraBeaute brush is quite comfortable to hold in my hand, and I love the fact that it’s completely waterproof with no rubbery charging port protectors, so I feel fine about leaving it sitting in the shower for months on end. I was pleasantly surprised by how thoroughly it cleaned my skin. 1 minute didn’t seem long enough, but using the brush with a regular cleanser and following the built-in program did get rid of all traces of make0up from my skin. I preferred the softer Gentle brush head – compared to the Clarisonic brush head it’s a little stiffer but not by much.

I really prefer the vibrating/oscillating action of this brush compared to the rotating action of other cleansing brushes, which I’ve found to be a bit too rough, even with soft brush heads. I don’t think the “sonic” part does anything more than a regular vibrating brush does, except move faster – ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasound to create cavitation bubbles which hit a hard surface to knock off dirt, but I doubt these sorts of cleansing brushes can do that (and I don’t think it would be desirable, either). The draw of a high frequency brush is that it takes a shorter time (and less elbow grease) to move the brush over your skin enough times to clean and exfoliate.

The PuraBeaute is quite similar to the popular Clarisonic brushes, but it’s a fair bit cheaper ($99 vs over $150 for Clarisonics). On that basis alone I’d recommend the PuraBeaute. The brush head are also a fair bit cheaper to replace ($20 for PuraBeaute compared to $35 for Clarisonic), and there’s a budget battery-operated version, the PuraBeaute Neo, which retails for just $49. Overall, this is a fantastic cleansing brush, my favourite so far.

You can purchase the PuraBeaute brush at their online store.

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  1. It’s really refreshing to hear a skincare guru NOT talking about cleansing brushes as if they were the devil’s work. I am almost scared to use my Clarisonic now having been told they are harsh, unhygienic, overexfoliate, damage the acid mantle etc – but I’m sure my 40 year old oilyish skin was better when I used it every day! In fact I’m going to go and use it now!


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