Video: All Your Sunscreen and Make-up Questions Answered

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Or at least I hope all your sunscreen and make-up questions are answered! This video took me a bloody long time to research and put together, so I’m hoping I won’t have to revisit this topic again anytime soon.

The questions I talk about:

  • Do I need to wear sunscreen every day, even though I’ll be inside most of the time?
  • Do I need a separate sunscreen if my make-up has SPF?
  • What happens when I layer multiple products with SPF?
  • Can I mix sunscreen into my make-up?
  • Is chemical or physical sunscreen better?
  • Do I need to apply chemical and physical sunscreens differently?
  • What order should I apply my products in?
  • How should I apply my products so I don’t mess up my sunscreen?
  • How can I stop sunscreen from balling up?
  • How do I look less shiny? How can I get rid of the oil?
  • Do I need to reapply sunscreen? How do I reapply sunscreen with make-up on?

Check out the video here.

My sunscreen reapplication flow chart

I’m a huge fan of charts – here’s the reapplication chart from the video as a pinnable image with some of the other tips from the video too.

Video: All Your Sunscreen and Make-up Questions Answered


Here are all the papers I directly referenced in my video. I read many more papers than this to get a feel for how sunscreens work, if you’re interested in this topic I’d encourage you to do the same.

Daily Sunscreen Benefits

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Norwegian Women and Cancer (NOWAC) study:

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SPF and sunscreen application amount

Blog post: How SPF Changes With How Much Sunscreen You Use

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Layering sunscreen

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Moisturiser and sunscreen

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Sand resistance

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Drydown time

Blog post: Why Do I Need to Apply Sunscreen Before Sun Exposure?

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Products in the video

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14 thoughts on “Video: All Your Sunscreen and Make-up Questions Answered”

  1. Hi Michelle! Quick question: would setting sprays work (spf 50, like Coola or Goop) for touching up SPF if I used an spf 50 in the morning?

  2. Excellent video, Michelle. I haven’t been too diligent about wearing sunscreen in the past but I’m much better these days. I recently switched to a routine that includes sunscreen in the last step of my regimen and especially love using a Mineral Powder with SPF as well.

  3. hello Michelle, I discovered your blog recently and I love it! I wish I had found you before.
    I want to ask something, If a day I am in indoor (all day), study next to a window, do I need sunscreen? If I work and in the middle of the day I take a nap, I have to reapply sunscreen? can I apply make up over the suncreen with a brush?

    thank you for all your wisdom and hard work!

  4. I came to your channel after reading your interview at beautifulwithbrains, and was so impressed that you have a very simple morning routine. I am so enjoying your blog and videos, especially the science. This particular video is so so so helpful.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    Great post, I appreciate all your hard work! I have a some questions…So would some foundations be comparable to a moisturizer? If they are a liquid form wouldnt they also reduce the SPF to some degree?

    On another note, what about the lips? Do you recommend using SPF products to protect the lips?

    • Yes they would! Unfortunately it’s hard to say by how much, but it’s unavoidable if you want to wear both foundation and sunscreen.

      Yes I would recommend them – the lower lip is a common site for skin cancer!


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