Top Skincare Ingredient? Skincare Bracket

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I recently posted a Skincare Ingredient Bracket on Instagram. This is a bit like a tournament – for each match-up, you pick your preferred skincare ingredient, and then at the end your favourite ingredient wins. It’s pretty fun to fill in!

I also polled my Instagram followers on their picks for each match-up, so we could see what the most popular ingredient was – there were a few upsets along the way, and some pretty difficult choices. The discussions were pretty interesting, so I decided to use it as the basis of this video.

This is a pretty laid back video – I briefly go through what I think of each skincare ingredient and why I chose each winner. I also go through the popular vote, along with some thoughts about the results.

Click here to watch the video.

More comprehensive posts on some of the ingredients:

Here’s the blank version of the bracket – scroll down for the results of the popular vote, and and my version (you might want to fill yours in first if you haven’t already, so you’re not influenced by seeing what other people thought!).

Did you enjoy the bracket? Should I do another bracket on a different topic? Let me know your thoughts!

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5 thoughts on “Top Skincare Ingredient? Skincare Bracket”

  1. Great post Michelle,
    Here is some info on Bacuchi seeds, they are used to treat vitiligo in traditional Ayurveda. . One study states that it can help produce pigments when skin is exposed to sun and then distributes the pigments evenly. Not sure if it does the same thing in non vitiligo skin. If it does it can also increase the pigment on skin, which is not desirable in all parts of the world


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