Science vs Anecdotal Evidence and Reviews (with video)

Science vs anecdotal evidence and reviews

“I don’t care what the science says, it worked for me” “I only believe what I see with my own eyes” “I’ve worked with clients for twenty years, so I can say for a fact that this works” If you really want to understand the science behind beauty products, you have to understand why science is important when it comes …

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Scientism or “Science-Washing” in Beauty

Scientism or "Science-Washing" in Beauty

This is an amended version of a series originally published on my Instagram account @labmuffinbeautyscience. As science has gotten more trendy, scientism is starting to show up more in beauty marketing and the beauty community. Scientism, which I call “science-washing” (although apparently no one says that except me, but I’m vainly trying to make it happen) is science used in …

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