New addiction: light hand creams (review)

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Ever since I’ve been out of lab, I’ve been getting into hand creams (don’t have to worry about microgram-weight greasy fingerprints on glassware anymore!). Sometimes a nicely scented pampering product is necessary in the afternoon.

Here are three currently in rotation next to my keyboard:

Endota Spa Lavender & Alpine Pepper Hand Cream – RRP $10 for 20 mL, $34 for 90 mL (Endota Spas, David Jones, online)

This cream smells amazing! It’s full of soothing lavender, and its scent combined with alpine pepper somehow makes it less grandmotherly, but still relaxing. Alpine pepper is touted to stimulate circulation, and it’s also got licorice for skin brightening.

While I’m ambivalent about the brightness and blood in my hands (at least til winter when I will regret saying this), I’m in love with how nourishing this is – it’s moisturising, but sinks in quickly enough that a brief tissue blot (who am I kidding? Lounge pants rub :P) stops me from greasing the mouse up. It’s on the pricey side, but you don’t need much – a pea is more than enough. It comes in a sleek flat tube with a flip-top lid, which is great for storage and the handbag.

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream – RRP $ 21.95 for 75 mL (Priceline, Myer, pharmacy and health stores)

While Endota hand cream was soothing, Trilogy’s hand cream has a lovely wake-me-up scent – a light combination of sweet orange, amber and vanilla. It boasts an impressive number of active ingredients: marula oil and the always-welcome rosehip oil (potent moisurisers), manuka honey (softening and protective), oat extract (soothing) and white tea extract (antioxidant). I’ve found that this hydrates amazingly well for something that sinks in so quickly – it definitely lives up to the name “ultra hydrating”, but without the heavy feel! Definitely one of the most effective hand creams I’ve ever tried.

Allegra Rhodes Cherry Blossom Hand and Nail Cream – RRP $32.95 for 175 mL (online)

This is the hand cream sister to the shower gel I reviewed earlier here. It’s very very floral, with notes of juicy cherry amongst freesia and lily of the valley, and amber and musk. Aloe vera juice, glycerine and mineral oil do the heavy lifting in this cream, with a dash of sweet almond oil. The scent is incredibly long-lasting, much longer than the two above, or the “hydrated” feeling – this is definitely one for quick post-handwashing moisturising, not deep, overnight treatments. It comes in a handy, sophisticated pump dispenser. This is perfect for sticking next to the sink when guests come over and you want to feign sophistication 😉

Overall: To be honest, I’ve never been into hand cream – my main experience with them was for long-haul flights, when Crabtree & Evelyn’s travel-sized goodies were great for protection from recycled air, but too greasy for everyday use (though great for overnight treatments). These three have changed my perspective on hand creams, and now I am a borderline addict, who takes every opportunity to moisturise (except on pole days!).

What are your favourite pick-me-ups?

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9 thoughts on “New addiction: light hand creams (review)”

  1. Jurlique hand creams! Love all the scents, though Jasmine was unexpectedly my favourite. Citrus is lovely for the pick-me-up factor, but over prolonged use I grew less fond of the scent. Jurlique always does Rose well, as with Lavender, but the Jasmine is the one I go back to. I also like the texture – light enough that it sinks in quickly, so good for the office. I did have one incident when a colleague walked into my office when I was putting on hand cream and asked me why I was ‘wringing my hands’.

    xx N

  2. Lanolips Triple Buttermilk Body Balm makes for a very good hand cream. It smells kind of powdery and floral– a weird scent but kind of comforting! It is on the thicker side, so I tend to use it at night rather than during the day.

  3. Hmm. I might have to try one of these. I’ve been using Lush’s Helping Hands forever, because I’m always chewing on the sides of my fingertips, but it’s just so GREASY.

    (also, I should probably try and stop chewing my fingers now I’m blogging. Bad blogger)

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