Artsy Wednesday: Earthquake mani POKÉMON NAILS

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I’ve been in love with the earthquake design for a while. since seeing this one by fellow Aussie Bec, so I was really excited when it came up for Artsy Wednesday. But for some reason, instead of just showcasing two colours with a simple, bold design, my mind decided that it was Time to Do Pokémon Nails, and that was all I could think of.

Me and Pokémon go back to around when I was thirteen, when I would go over to my cousin’s house and, while he and the other kids battled it out on Mario Kart, I played Pokémon Yellow or Blue on his Gameboy because I didn’t like losing to eight-year-olds. (I’m a pretty sore loser sometimes. I almost broke up with the boyfriend over a game of chess. I kind of originally got together with him after I smashed him at Scrabble – he says he let me win, but I don’t believe him, although the fact he consistently doubles my score in Wordfeud says he’s probably right – NO. I refuse to accept it.) When I went to Europe, instead of soaking up the pleasure that’s simply being in a different country, I was pretty much glued to my laptop, playing Pokémon Silver on an emulator, and of course I made the boyfriend deal with the legendaries (the whole time he muttered about how he was dating a nine-year-old boy).

Anyway, here are some earthquake Pokéballs and a Pikachu, who isn’t even my favourite Pokémon but he’s pretty recognisable – my favourite is usually whichever one I start with, I’m too sentimental to make a good trainer! 🙂 I’ll have to do a proper earthquake mani sometime!

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  1. I love those Pokemon games on my gameboy!! Silver version was my favorite and I totally completed my pokedex for that! I was kind of bummed when nothing happened though haha. I love this, the Pikachu looks so adorable!


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