Celestial Cosmetics Whimsical Collection swatches and review

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Here’s an older Aussie indie collection I swatched recently – I was so excited and flattered when Nicki, the creator of Celestial Cosmetics asked if I’d be able to swatch them!

Here’s my favourite – Liquid Lawn. Liquid Lawn is a photogenic squishy green jelly filled with holographic circle glitter, smaller dots and hexes. I think my new favourite glitter base has to be jelly! 3 coats on its own, with a generous layer of top coat:

Poppy’s Flower is a close second – the deep red base is classic and elegant, and the black glitter makes it stand out. This polish is obviously inspired by poppy flowers, but it also owes its name to the daughter of another Aussie indie creator, Tara of Loki’s Lacquer. 3 coats and generous top coat.

Pink Posy is a hot pink linear holographic polish, which takes 3 coats for full opacity. My sunlit swatches have a backstory you may have read on my Instagram already:  

This photo looks pretty and sterile, but what actually happened was I bolted out of the house in my big fluffy hot pink gown and uggs when the sun came out (hair unbrushed, face unwashed), stood on the driveway with the builder’s white van as my background (home renovations ugh), and snapped away manically. Then the neighbours came home and I hid behind the van near the ground so they wouldn’t judge me, then I took a couple more photos and ran back inside, where I discovered that I’d crouched onto a spiderwebbed pile of pine needles and it was all over the bum of my dressing gown. 

Muffin is a sophisticated lady.

Blistering Barnacle is a sheer blue creme with monochrome hexes. The sheerness of the base gives a gentle, delicate depth to the glitter. This is only 2 coats, but it may have been better with 3:

Fairy Floss is not really my cup of tea (it’s pink, basically). But it’s very pretty regardless – the pale grey glitters add subtle interest to the pink creme. 2 coats:

Neon Nights is a really fun polish – it’s got a white base with assorted neon matte glitters. It reminds me of children’s toy colours. 2 coats.

Rose Gold is a beaut – it’s a vibrant hot red jelly base with gold shimmer and flakies. The red is so vibrant it looks like it glows. My camera couldn’t handle it! 3 coats:

Silk Sapphire is a simple mix of silver hexes and little blue glitters. It’s designed as a topper, so I’ve swatched 2 coats over Duri Summertime Blues. It’s very photogenic!

Passion Pop has a pale purple base with purple and pink glitter. The base is a tad too opaque in my opinion, and the glitters get lost unless you’re really careful when you apply it – it does mean you get full coverage in two layers though!

Butternut Kisses is a yellow-orange creme with white and red matte glitter. Again, the creme is quite opaque and it’s a bit fiddly to apply. The base colour is beautiful though – I really need to get a plain creme in this colour, because it looks like delicious caramel. 3 coats:

Celestial Cosmetics can be purchased here, and through some international suppliers soon! Keep an eye out on the Facebook page, and Instagram (@celestialcosmetics).

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12 thoughts on “Celestial Cosmetics Whimsical Collection swatches and review”

  1. I do the “crazy lady taking pictures of her own hands” thing too! Since all of the photo-suitable sunlight happens while I’m at work, you can often find me in the parking lot furtively snapping photos and hoping I don’t get stared at too much. Even at home it can get weird, since I am one of those people who will don pyjamas the moment I cross the threshold into my house, and I won’t change out of them just to duck outside for a couple of photos.

  2. I like them all but I love the neon nights soft and celestial different. Also, love butternut kisses. Thanks for sharing. Your nails and cuticles are perfect.

  3. These are all pretty! But those first two, ugh… your nails look like perfection!

    Loved your anecdote, too. I swear one of the best things about being a nail blogger is that I don’t have to get dolled up for pictures! ;D

    • There are definitely things that can go wrong if you’re not careful when you push them back. But I think it’s largely a matter of awareness of what you’re doing that matters – before I got into nails I usually had an infected hangnail somewhere despite never touching my cuticles, but now, despite pushing my cuticles back once a week, I can’t remember the last time I had a hangnail. I think the keys to doing it as safely as possible are to push the skin back when it’s soft and flexible, not to go too hard (stopping well before the “flesh” starts), being careful not to lift the eponychium from the nail surface and moisturising a lot.


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