Project 100 Pan: Empties 41-50

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I’m halfway through getting 100 products in my attempt to get rid of all the half-used stuff in my life. Here are my latest 10 empties:

Sportsgirl Butter Dream Body Butter – I’ve had this forever, and it’s really good for an under-$10 body cream, though not really rich enough for me to class it as a “body butter”. The scent is a one dimensional, long-lasting vanilla on its own, so I usually layer something else on top (perfume, or more recently, coconut oil) – I am an absolute whore for vanilla, so I’m probably going to repurchase.

NIVEA Refreshing Cleansing Mousse – I love foaming cleansers, all the lather and none of the work. This one is really good – it leaves my face feeling clean but not dry. I’m refilling this bottle with one of my least favourite cleansers, NIVEA Young Visage Wash Off!, because it takes too much work to lather it (I have about two full bottles left of it, I always forget what a pain it is until I buy it).

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Blood Orange – Finally finished the last of this off! This product sparked my love of both Revlon lip products and orange-reds.

Skin79 Super BB Cream Gold (sample) – Another one in my never-ending quest to try all the BB creams. Not as amazing as the Pink version, but not bad either (the Pink is a bit less moisturising, Gold is for drier skins than mine).

Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel (sample) – This grapefruit-scented shower gel smells great, uplifting and perky – I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about it. Will purchase full size!

BYS tissues – I’m counting this because it came with a cosmetics order from Fashion Addict. I think tissue packs and wet wipes are my favourite extras with anything – you can never have enough!

Palmolive Coconut Body Butter Shower Scrub – This was an emergency grocery store buy when I just desperately needed to exfoliate. It has rough grains in a moisturising butter base, and it’s impressive for a grocery store product, but not really as exfoliating as I’d like – the grains are a bit too sparse. It’s a great option in a pinch!

Dermalogica Multivitamin ThermafoliantI’ve raved about this before – one of my top 3 face exfoliants of all time, enough said.

Lavender LPT Treatment – My Asian hairdresser recommended this treatment after I dried the bejeezus out of my hair by colouring it orange, and I nearly broke my back carrying it home – it’s a bloody huge bottle (1.2 L), and I’m really impressed with myself for finishing it. It’s nourishing, but not as nourishing as some of the products I’m using now.

Sunsilk Longer and Stronger Shampoo – This smells lovely and is the perfect amount of cleansing for everyday use on my oily scalp.

I’m a bit worried about the second half of my Project 100 Pan – I’m running out of almost-finished products, so it’s going to get harder! Planning which products to use has really helped me stop buying so much, since I’ve found so many unused tubs in my stash. Bring on the next 50!

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8 thoughts on “Project 100 Pan: Empties 41-50”

  1. I’m actually really impressed that you keep enough stuff half empty to use them! If I stop using something I will either give it away or throw it out so kudos for not being wasteful! lol

    • I’ve thrown a few things out, but usually I try to find another use for them, like if face moisturiser breaks me out. I use it on my body, or if facial cleanser is too gentle, I’ll use it for washing makeup brushes.

  2. This is so fun to read, you’ve even inspired me to do my own project pan. For each 10 empty ones I get to buy a new one 🙂

  3. This is so inspirational I think I will be doing something similar. I have already found 11 products I have half finished or partially finished that I need to go through and have been neglected! So going past 10 will be a breeze. problem will be once I reach the nearly impossible to finish makeup items…


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