Artsy Wednesday: Animation

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Most people’s childhoods were full of Disney princesses – mine was full of Asian cartoons! Doraemon, Dr Slump, Sailor Moon… But by far, the VHS tape my sister and I reached for most often was My Neighbour Totoro (dubbed in Cantonese). Even now, I still turn into a child when I watch Hayao Miyazaki’s films.

So my Artsy Wednesday animation manicure is Totoro-themed. Even though I’ve seen a hundred of Maria’s manicures, I never tried using acrylic paint until now, and boy I’m a convert! I impressed myself with this one. The base is Alanna Renee It’s a Boy!

Naturally, being Asian and female, my sister and I have a stuffed plush collection of Totoro merchandise. This is just a selection:

The blue Totoro is actually hand-crocheted by my sister, who’s really good at crafty things!

More Artsy Wednesday animation goodness:

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21 thoughts on “Artsy Wednesday: Animation”

    • Thank you! It turned out better than I thought it would. All my nail art projects seem to be like that – they either turn out way better or way worse than I anticipated!

  1. OH SO CUTE! I did one, but did NOT come out like yours.
    I am so in love with Studio Ghibli. I can’t wait to see their new ones coming out soon. I still have to see On Poppy Hill, and it comes out on DVD next month!!! My favorite is Spirited Away. Which is yours?
    BTW, I played Totoro for my nephew when he was 4 and for months he wanted to watch the “bear” movie. LOL

    • I think Totoro has to be my favourite, I have such fond memories of it. I love Spirited Away too. In Cantonese it translates to “dragon cat” so I never thought of them as bears, and the Cat Bus made total sense to me! I recently tried watching the English dub but the different voices were too unnerving.

  2. Cute!! I love the totoro! I’m going to have to try using acrylic paint soon. It seems like a good alternative when I want to mix together a specific color.

    • Some relative of ours bought us Sailor Moon wands that lit up and played weird noises when you pressed buttons on them. I actually remember playing with those more clearly than I remember watching Sailor Moon!


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